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10 Ideas for Home Decor in India

10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023

Home Décor is an essential aspect in a home. Everyone loves a well decorated, synchronized house with different ascents and features that liven and brighten up the nooks and corners of your house. 

I have always loved decorating my house or office with little trinkets and pieces that add a pop of colour to the space. Here are a few of my essential aspects that I focus on while decorating a space, hope these help you out too. 

They are only suggestions at large; you can always pick pieces of your choice or to match the existing décor of your house. Some of my favourite places to pick my home décor items are Home Centre, @ Home by NilkamalUrban Ladder and Ikea

There are many more brands and options available in the market, I prefer to browse multiple stores and pick different pieces from wherever matches my requirements.

1. Textiles

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


Textiles play a very important role in decorating for me. They help cosy up a space and give it the warmth of a house. Textiles can vary from rugs, carpets, throws, cushion covers or even your drapes. These all help add the essence of colour and live into your living spaces. 

I always prefer having neutral coloured furniture and play around with colourful textiles as textiles can be easily changed to match your mood, festivals or seasons; while it is extremely difficult to change around your furniture so often. 

In Indian houses, I have not come across many people who use throws as they do not suit us climatically, but I absolutely adore them as they bring in the warmth and homeliness feel to your space and look extremely classy draped over your armchair or sofas. 

Textiles for me are the easiest and best way to play around with colours. Thus, making them my No. 1 Choice for among the 10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India.

2. Lamps

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


Lamps again are extremely essential in your living spaces. Be it a designer table lamp or a tall corner floor lamp, they add the needed light to your space and brighten it up instantly. Good lighting is the key to a happy, healthy and fulfilling space and what better way than play around with pretty lamps within your house.

You get lamps in so many materials these days; from glass to ceramics to metal frames with such pretty, intricate designs. Accent lighting is extremely popular these days. Buy yourself a lamp that suits your existing home décor; to brighten up your space or just to fill the corner empty spaces in your home. They will make all the difference.

3. Candles and Candle Holders

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


Candles and Candle Holders are a fun way to decorate your home while also providing the needed fragrance to uplift your living space. There are such pretty holders in the market these days with ceramic, glass, cutglass, metal holders and so much more. Candles also come in various shapes, sizes, designs and fragrances to choose from.

I absolutely love candles and also make them as a hobby. It is such a relaxing and soothing experience and when I gifted them to my family and friends to light up in their house for the holidays, it just put a huge smile to my; and hopefully their faces. I feel every house must have candles placed around for décor, even if you do not end up lighting them.

A good fragrance candle will have a fragrance through even without having lit them and they just make your house so lively and wonderfully fragrant. These are my absolute must buys for décor among the 10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India.

4. Vases

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


Vases are the way to spruce up your living space. Fill them with real or artificial flower and see the changes in the vibe of your house. Vases come in a lot of different materials, shapes, sizes, colours, textures, lengths, etc. 

I personally love having vases with fresh flowers on the coffee table or dining table. They are out of reach from the kids and pets and also add the needed fragrance and element to your space. You can also fill up your vases with pebbles, coloured sand, potpourri or just leave them empty if they are colourful and fancy enough. 

I have a lot of vases in my house and office, in different colours and sizes; I generally prefer the unusual or funky designs that add a nice playfulness to your space. Also, it is extremely easy to play around with colours around your house with vases.  Thus, listing them among the 10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India.

5. Pots and Planters

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


If you love plants in your house; artificial or real, there are the it thing for you. Pots and planters come in various shapes, sizes, materials and colours and can be placed on the floor or on cabinets and tables, hung from the ceiling or places as décor on your walls. 

They are extremely versatile and make your home feel like a living, breathing space. And if you actually use real plants, then you also get an extra dose of cleaner, fresher air surrounding you. Planters have been fanciful in the market for a few years now; they look extremely elegant placed near your entrance or filling up empty spaces and corners of your house. 

Plants are always a goof way to decorate and the new, modern pots and planters with ceramic, cement and stone look absolutely picturesque. They are absolute must haves among the 10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India.

6. Wall Paintings & Decor

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”

Wall Decor

Why leave your walls empty when you are sprucing up your tables, floor and cabinets. Adding some colour or décor elements to your walls is one of the best ways to make your house feel like a home. I love decorating with family pictures hung on walls or just art I picked from my travels.

It reminds me of all the wonderful times life has bestowed upon me and helps me carry on with life with gusto. There are a lot of wall décor items available in the market such as statement art, unique metal encasings and designer pieces, wall shelves with little knickknacks and so much more. 

If you or anyone in your home is a painter, just paint abstract on your wall or have wallpapers or textured paints on a single wall. There are so many ways and ideas to decorate your walls, options can be endless. We at home have dune up a wall with dark hued textured paints and hung macrame platers hanging from the ceiling with lovely fresh plants. It looks absolutely stunning.

7. Mirrors

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


Mirrors are a fantastic option for decorating small spaces such as foyers and dark corners of your house. Mirrors reflect light, hence making the room look larger and brighter. Having mirrors around your house also brings about positivity. It is the most versatile and one of the best ways of decorating. 

Hang statement mirror frames on your walls or just have some on the floor, against the wall and see how drastically they change the appearance and ambiance of your room. You can also stack mirrors together on the wall to make a vivid pattern with goof lighting over it; and voila you have a wonderfully bright and appealing wall.

There are some Vastu implications with mirrors though so if you are into feng shui and Vastu, do check out the right directions before placing them.

8. Decorative bowls and platters

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”

10-Best-Ideas-for-Home-Decor-in-India-2023-Decorative bowls

Bowls and platters are a great accessory for your home. Large bows on your centre table filled with potpourri or fruit or any other decorative pieces; or platters with candles, books, vases with flowers and beads look absolutely flattering and add class and essence to your home.

I love large ceramic bowls on the dining table filled with little trinkets depending on the season and platters with candles and whatnot on the coffee table. They just add oomph to your space and make it feel wholesome and lively.

I prefer these to be in more neutral shades so they can blend easily with the rest of the décor and not overwhelm your space. These are a great idea to add depth and body to your space; adding an element of fragrance onto them just takes it a notch higher.  Thus, listing them 1 among the 10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India.

9. Antiques

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


If you are a collector and lover of antiques, there are some amazing pieces your can decorate your house with. Be it an old gramophone, telephone with the round dial or just some artefacts or figurines, they add to the element of your house. They look absolutely delightful in your study or in the living room if you have a bookshelf in the back.

The thing with antiques is that they do not easily blend in with the other elements, you need to give your space the old rustic feels to have antiques blend in naturally. So, this is a very suggestive and selective option.

If you like rustic, old-world house feels, then antiques can do the trick in decorating for you. If you like a more modern feel to your home, avoid having antiques. You can move them to your work room or dedicate a small foyer or secluded corner to these beauties.

10. Fragrance Essentials

“10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India 2023”


Fragrances are a absolute must add element to your décor. There are various ways by which you can add them around your house – candles, potpourri, diffusers, essence sticks, sprays, oils on your textiles and so much more. I personally prefer candles and potpourri as they also add colour to your surroundings.

Oils sometimes can stain your textiles so you must be careful if using them on lighter colours. Diffusers have recently been trending; they also come in different types such as water diffusers, reed diffusers, nebulizer diffusers, electric diffusers, candle diffusers and so on.

They are mostly oil based as the fragrance throw is from the essential or fragrance oils. They are also a nice way to make your home smell fresh. I love to place diffusers in the bathrooms instead of the living areas; they last much longer and are the safest to place in the bathroom (where you need fragrances the most).  Thus, listing them 1 among the 10 Best Ideas for Home Decor in India.

Conclusion – 10 Ideas for Home Decor in India

In conclusion, there are countless ways to adorn and transform your home with unique and personalized decor in India. Whether you prefer a modern, eclectic, or traditional aesthetic, the 10 ideas for home decor in India we’ve shared will inspire you to infuse your living space with your personality, culture, and style. 

From utilizing vibrant fabrics and textiles, to creating charming and functional storage solutions, to incorporating natural elements, these tips will help you create a home that’s as visually pleasing as it is comfortable and inviting. 

Remember, it’s all about choosing pieces that resonate with you and making your home feel like your own. The possibilities are endless. So, go ahead and start exploring the rich and diverse world of Indian home decor today using these 10 ideas for home decor in India.

FAQ – 10 Ideas for Home Decor in India

Here are 10 frequently asked questions you might have about “Ideas for Home Decor in India” and their answers:

1. What are some popular home decor themes in India?
Answer: Popular home decor themes in India include traditional Indian designs, modern minimalism, bohemian or fusion styles, and vintage aesthetics.

2. What are some cost-effective decor ideas for Indian homes?
Answer: Adding colourful cushions, rugs, throw blankets, and decorative items like vases or wall hangings can be a simple and affordable way to spruce up an Indian home.

3. How can I incorporate traditional Indian elements into my home decor?
Answer: Using bright and bold colours, intricate patterns, and traditional materials like silk, wool, and cotton can help incorporate Indian elements into your home decor.

4. Is it necessary to have a lot of space for Indian home decor?
Answer: No, Indian home decor can be customized to fit any space, whether it’s a small apartment or a large house.

5. Are there any particular colours that are popular in Indian home decor?
Answer: Traditionally, bright, bold colours like red, orange, gold, and green are popular in Indian home decor. However, pastels and neutrals are also becoming more popular in modern Indian homes.

6. What are some tips for using lighting in Indian home decor?
Answer: Using warm, yellow-toned lights and incorporating intricately designed lamps and lanterns can help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in an Indian home.

7. How can I balance traditional Indian elements with modern design?
Answer: Incorporating traditional Indian elements subtly, such as through artwork or textiles, while balancing them with modern furniture and accents, can help achieve a modern yet traditional look in your home decor.

8. What are some DIY decor ideas for an Indian home?
Answer: Creating your own wall art using traditional Indian designs or repurposing old saris into decorative cushions or table runners are just a few examples of DIY decor ideas for an Indian home.

9. How can I incorporate greenery into my Indian home decor?
Answer: Adding potted plants, hanging planters, or creating a mini Herb Garden can bring a touch of nature and freshness to your Indian home.

10. Where can I find inspiration for Indian home decor ideas?
Answer: Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook can be great sources of inspiration for Indian home decor ideas. Additionally, visiting local markets, traditional bazaars, and craft shops can give you an idea of what kinds of Indian decor items are available.

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