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10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane


Shaya is a brand by the house of CaratLane and specialized in silver-based jewelry. They have some very unique and funky styles and have a great design team that comes up with newer designs very frequently. 

Their designs can be used on both traditional Indian or western attires and are quite affordable. They have everything from your standard rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces to even more off beat things like anklets, toe rings, hairpins and nose pins and rings.

They have recently also ventured into specialized brass-based jewelry. They have styles varying from modern everyday wear to funky Indian to tribal designs as well. It is one of my favourite brand options for gifting as it holds value as a metal and is also budget friendly. Here are the 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane.

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10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane

1. On Fleek Earrings in Gold Plated 925 Silver


There classic minimalistic studs are crafted in 925 silver and coated in 14kt gold plating. They are beautifully intricate with a weaved texture in a ‘C’ shaped design. They are perfect for office wear and look wonderful on either Indian or western wear. They are extremely lightweight at just 2.6gms. I absolutely love them for how versatile they are and can go with any other jewelry you plant to wear.

INR 1,300/-

2. Oxidised Owning My Loud Laugh Earrings

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


These beautiful danglers are made up of 925 silver in a shiny oxidised polish. The design is an inspiration from the blooms of a peacock and has intricate detailing of enamel in blue accents. It is a 4-tier earring with a total length of 4.7cm and weighs around 12gms.

They are a bit heavy at 6gms each, but they look exceptionally beautiful when worn with Indian attire or fusion wear. These earrings are also specially handcrafted, so no two pieces are identical. The blues are neutral and will go along with most shades of clothing, making them 1 among the 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane. My favorite Indian inspired earrings from their collection.

INR 4,300/-

3. All In Layered Necklace in Gold Plated 925 Silver

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


If you love layering, this should be your go to necklace. This intricately crafted, 3-layer necklace is made with 925 silver with a gold plating. The pendants are in the shape of coins with Victorian era female imprints on them. The length of the longest chain is around 19 inches with 2 inches adjustable rings in the back. It weighs a total of 14gms.

It looks wonderful as an office wear necklace or for parties with casual or semi-formal wear. It is an absolute statement piece that you would love to show off, making it my favourite layered necklace from the brand.

INR 6,500/-

4. Oxidised Rise Above Apathy Choker in 925 Silver

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


If you love jewelry with a bit of funk and uniqueness yet elegant at the same time, this is your piece. It is a statement necklace that sit just below your neck (almost like a choker) and is crafter with 925 silver. It has a lotus motif with synthetic pink sapphires to add a dash of colour.

It is in a shiny oxidised polish and can go well with any and all kinds of clothing, be it a saree, a suit, jeans or even an indo-western outfit. Its diameter is slightly over 11 inches and can fit someone with a neck circumference up to 15 inches. It weighs around 23gms and is an absolutely stunning piece of art. Thus, making 1 among the 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane.

INR 7,100/-

5. Springtime Bloom Flower Pendant Necklace in Gold Plated 925 Silver

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


Elegant, minimalistic and dainty is what this necklace is. It is a perfect everyday wear necklace with a thin chain and small pendant in a floral motif, crafter in 925 silver and gold plating. You can just keep this on every day, even at home. The chain can be used on its own as well or you can swap out the pendant for another one as it is detachable.

The total length (including the pendant) of this necklace is 16 inches with an additional 2 inches in adjustable rings and it weighs only 2.5gms; almost weightless. It is my favorite, minimalistic every day wear necklace and also perfect for gifting.

INR 1,500/-

6. So Versatile Bracelet in Gold Plated 925 Silver

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


Versatile is in the name of this cuff bracelet, and it truly stands up to its name. It is the most minimalistic, versatile and classy cuff that I have seen by any brand specializing in silver jewelry. This bracelet is made with 925 silver and plated with gold. It also comes in the normal silver finish variant.

Its design is simple yet elegant and the cuff can fit all sizes (up to 2.6). It has a slightly grainy texture, giving it a classic, rustic feel. It can go with any attire and can be worn for any occasion. Thus, making it is 1 among my 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane. A favorite to stack along with my watch and other bracelets. It weights around 14gms.

INR 3,500/-

7. Oxidised Rise Above Judgements Bracelet

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


This is the same lotus motif design as the necklace mentioned earlier – Oxidised Rise Above Apathy Choker in 925 Silver. It is an adjustable chain bracelet crafted with oxidised 925 silver along with synthetic pink sapphire stones. It is a uniquely elegant design with a three-chain pattern that helps the bracelet stay firm and in place.

It is a 6-inch bracelet with additional inches adjustable length and weighs in and around 14gms. It goes well for a party on western attire or fusion wear or can also be worn to work. It is handcrafted so no two pieces are identical. I absolutely love all these lotus motif designs, with their little pop of colour, they stand out and make a statement.

INR 4,300/-

8. Oxidised Rise Above Hate Bracelet in 925 Silver

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


Here is another one from the lotus series. But this is a much simpler, more minimalistic design. It is a flexible cuff bracelet made of oxidised 925 silver with little lotus buds on the ends of the cuff. The lotus buds are adorned with synthetic pink sapphires that give them the needed pop of colour.

This is one of my favourite everyday bracelets among the 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane as it goes with every outfit and I can put it on without much thought of matching it. It fits sizes from 2.2 to 2.6 comfortably and weighs 7gms. It is a dainty, elegant bracelet that is specially handcrafted.

INR 2,800/-

9. Keep Going Ring in 925 Silver

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


If you love minimalistic statement rings, then your search ends here. This is crafted in a dull oxidised finish, made with 925 silver. It is made in a whirlpool pattern and has a floral motif. It has an adjustable band at the back so it can fit any size comfortably. It has grains and veins on it that give texture to the ring. It is a solid ring that is over 5cm long and weight 10gms.

It is a classic piece, with a little bit of funk. I love wearing it on my middle finger to give it the importance and worth it needs (with nothing else around). Again, it is very versatile and can go easily with any outfit. The only thing to keep in mind is – as it is dull oxidised it might not match easily with other metal colours such as gold or rose gold.

INR 3,400/-

10. Aaja Nachle Matha Patti in Gold Plated Brass

“10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane”


If you love matha pattis, with pastel shades at that, you must try this on. It is a very uniquely crafted matha patti that is made with brass and plated with 18kt gold. The design elements are coated in hues of light pastel pinks and green/blue along with mirror work and intricate detailing of fresh water pearls.

All these are handmade so no two pieces can be exactly alike. These go so well with your Indian outfits. This matha patti is around 40cm long and weighs 13gms. It is a great way to style your outfits and give your face the needed pop of colour and accessory. Thus, making it 1 of the 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane.

INR 3,200/-

Conclusion - 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane

In conclusion, Shaya by CaratLane offers a stunning range of jewelry pieces that are both elegant and trendy. From delicate necklaces and earrings to statement rings and bracelets, there is something for everyone. We have highlighted the 10 best jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane that are perfect for any occasion – from a formal event to a casual day out.

Not only are these pieces crafted using high-quality materials, but they also boast intricate designs and stunning embellishments. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or gift someone special, the listed 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane is sure to impress. With their timeless appeal and contemporary designs, these jewelry pieces are definitely worth adding to your collection.

Faq's - 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane

1. What is Shaya by CaratLane?
Shaya is a designer jewelry collection created by CaratLane, a leading online jewelry store in India.

2. What makes Shaya jewelry special?
Shaya jewelry is known for its modern and minimalistic designs that are perfect for everyday wear. The collection offers a wide range of jewelry styles, from delicate rings to statement earrings.

3. Where can I buy Shaya jewelry?
You can purchase Shaya jewelry online from Amazon India, their official CaratLane website or from one of their physical stores located across India.

4. What are the 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane?
Some of the most popular Shaya jewelry pieces include the Midnight Raindrop Earrings, the Crescent Moon Necklace, the Floating Circle Ring, and the Lunar Stud Earrings.

5. What is the price range for Shaya jewelry?
Shaya jewelry pieces range in price from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 21,000, making them an affordable option for those looking for high-quality designer jewelry.

6. What materials are used to make Shaya jewelry?
Shaya jewelry is made from materials such as Gold plating, silver, synthetic stones etc.

7. Can I wear Shaya jewelry every day?
Yes, Shaya jewelry is designed to be worn every day, with its durable construction and simple yet elegant styling.

8. Are the 10 Best Jewelry from Shaya by CaratLane suitable for gifting?
Yes, Shaya jewelry makes an excellent gift for a loved one or friend. Its minimalist design makes it easy to wear with any outfit, and the high-quality materials ensure longevity.

9. Does Shaya offer customization options?
Yes, you can customize certain Shaya jewelry pieces to your liking. Contacting the CaratLane customer service team can assist you with further details.

10. What is CaratLane’s return policy for Shaya jewelry?
CaratLane offers a hassle-free return policy for all Shaya jewelry pieces. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within the specified days.

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