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10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India

Firstly, Lipsticks are one of my favorite makeup products. Be it everyday wear or on a day you need to dress up, these hold the power to elevate your look. Furthermore, I have tried a number of brands and shades through the years but my favorites are nudes and soft pinks. I personally do not like bold, bright colors unless it is the need for an occasion.

Here I have a listed my 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India, most of which are in the nude/pink shades. These are my all-time favorites and go to brands and colors that I absolutely adore. And hope these find a home in your makeup bags as well.

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10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India

1. M.A.C Matte Lipstick – Mehr


Firstly, M.A.C Matte Lipsticks are a favourite of many – be it makeup enthusiasts, influencers or makeup artists. In addition, it is a constant in my vanity and specially the shade – Mehr. It is a beautiful nude – mauve shade that matches perfectly with many Indian skin tones.

Furthermore, it is creamy, smooth and provides medium to full coverage. It is highly pigmented and suits both warm and cool skin undertones. Moreover, it is extremely versatile as it goes with numerous color outfits.

Apart from this, it can be used as a day wear or evening wear lipsticks. Also, i absolutely love this shade from M.A.C and is one of my favorite lipsticks and is always stashed in my purse for emergencies. Thus, making it an absolute love and must buy!

Rs. 1,950/- for 3gm

2. Nykaa - Wakeup Makeup So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


In the second place, Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick is the perfect blend of creamy matte lipsticks that are extremely long lasting, lightweight and highly pigmented, just one swipe is enough to have a proper application.

Furthermore, The shade Wakeup Makeup is the perfect nude matte shade with light pink tones that looks divine on all skin tones. Not only is it is extremely light but also makes it perfect for day wear and work wear. In addition, it stays on for 4-5 hours at ease and keeps your lips hydrated and soft.

Thus, making it is one of my favourite shades from the Nykaa Creamy Matte Lipstick range. Also, If you like a soft rosy tint on your lips, this is a must buy among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 325/- for 4.2gm

3. Lakme 9 To 5 Primer - MP7 Blushing Nude

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


Another one of my favorite rosy nudes is the Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick in the shade MP7 Blushing Nude. Besides, the Lakme 9 To 5 is a uniquely curated formula that gives you the benefits of a lipstick along with the goodness of a primer.

In addition, it also gives your lips a clean, soft and crack free look. Making it a smudge proof, transfer and water resistant, extremely long lasting and lightweight Lipstick. Moreover, this lipstick is super pigmented and leaves your lips nourished for long hours.

Not only is the Blushing Nude a perfect nude shade for day wear with its beautiful rosy color but also suitable on most Indian skin tones. This lipstick is also extremely budget friendly and easily available in most makeup and beauty stores and even some convenience or departmental stores.

An absolute must buy from the brand of Lakme and one among the 
10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 550/- for 3.6gm

4. Mamaearth Moisture Matte Longstay - Bubblegum Nude Lipstick

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


Mamaearth is a brand, as we all know by now, that specializes in products that are all natural, ayurvedic inspired and free from all harmful chemicals and toxins. This lipsticks from the brand is no different.

It is made with ingredients such as Vitamin E and Avocado Oil that keep your lips nourished and hydrated, making your lips soft, smooth and supple. This is more of a tinted or coloured lip balm than a lipstick, but with the qualities of a lipstick as well.

It is long lasting, smudge proof, and highly pigmented. The shade Bubblegum Nude is more of a old rose, mauve kind of shade rather than a soft subtle pink bubblegum. It is a mix of pink with brown, that has a darker ting to it and is absolutely perfect for all Indian skin tones.

Be it day or night, this lipstick is perfect for all day, any occasion wear. It is extremely versatile and is wonderful and healthy for your lips making it the perfect choice among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 499/- for 2gm

5. Huda Beauty – Honeymoon Power Bullet Matte Lipstick

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


Huda Beauty is a well renowned luxury makeup brand that has gained attention all across the globe. The Power Bullet Matte Lipstick by Huda Beauty are extremely pigmented, give your lips full and long-lasting coverage and is designed in such a way that you can do away without a lip liner.

It is an ultra-matte lipstick that leaves your lips hydrated and extremely smooth looking. This lipstick does not dry out easily or become cakey. Instead, it makes your lips look luxuriously soft and silky.

The shade Honeymoon is from their Icons Collection, that are perfect summer colours. Honeymoon is velvety pink colour that is warm and suits most skin tones. I have a fairer or rather wheatish complexion so it looks a little darker on me rather than a pale nude.

It is a beautiful shade that goes well for every occasion or anytime of the day, but I personally prefer it for the evening. You can never go wrong with this shade. Thus, listing it one among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 1,995/- for 3gm

6. Smashbox Here for It - Always On Cream Matte Lipstick

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


In the sixth place, Smashbox Always On is a vegan, cruelty free lipstick that is long lasting and stays on for over 1 hours. It is a full coverage, smudge and water proof, transfer resistant lipstick that is creamy, velvety and does not crack or become cakey.

The creamy matte texture keeps your lips hydrated and looking supple and soft. The shade – Here for It is a beautiful dull pink shade with hints of brown or mauve. It is extremely light and is best suited for day wear.

If you are opting for that flawless no makeup look, this is the perfect shade for a lipstick. It looks extremely natural and gives your lips a flawless finish.

The lipstick also has a lot of natural oils infused in it that help your lips heal and be nourished and hydrated at all times, without allowing them to dry out. Hence, 1 among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 2,100/- for 2gm

7. Bobbi Brown Boss Pink Luxe Matte

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


Bobbi Brown is another luxury brand that has taken the makeup industry by a storm. Their products are widely acclaimed and loved. The Luxe Matte Lip Colour has a new improved formula that is made with highly pigmented powders infused with nourishing oils that make your lips supple, smooth, nourished and hydrated.

Bobbi Brown lipsticks are cruelty free and vegan and are also free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, etc. Luxe Matte Lipsticks are extremely lightweight, stay on for long hours without getting cakey or dry and give you a highly pigmented colour that is extremely comfortable to wear.

The shade Boss Pink is one of my favorites among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India from their range. It is a deep mauve – pink shade that looks absolutely divine on most skin tones and is perfect for anytime of the day or any occasion. This matte velvety goodness is luxury in a lipstick.

Rs. 3,700/- for 4.5gm

8. Charlotte Tilbury Sienna's Style - Matte Revolution

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


Another luxury brand in the makeup industry is Charlotte Tilbury. It is an extremely sought after brand and all its products are extremely luxurious and worth their while. The Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution is made with a blend of oils, waxes, etc that soften, hydrate, protect your lips and also help maintain their youthfulness.

This lipstick is a long lasting, buildable and highly pigmented colour that gives you softer looking, fuller pout. It lasts for over 10 hours and is oh so smooth, it feels and looks as soft as cashmere. The shade – Sienna’s Style is a warm pink, coral tone that gives your face a nice pop of colour.

I would personally not consider this shade to be in the nude family as it has a lively, vivacious touch to it. The beautiful peachy coral looks wonderful for day wear, specially if you are out and about in the day. It is my perfect shade for a beachy summer holiday among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 3,150/- for 3.5gm

9. M.A.C Please Me Matte Lipstick

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


M.A.C Cosmetics is one of the most loved and used brands in the market and the shade Please Me from their Matte Lipstick range is another favorite of mine. The Please Me shade is a warm rosy pink color that has a very unique tint to it that is very similar to the desert rose color.

It is a highly pigmented, long lasting lipstick that gives you a medium to full coverage. Even though it is a matte lipstick, it has a creamy texture that easily and evenly glides onto your lips and gives you the perfect looking, kissable pout.

I love this color as it is extremely versatile and can be used as a day or evening wear and for every occasion. It does not need to be touched up frequently as it stays on for long giving you soft, pretty lips. Thus, ranking among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 1,950/- for 3gm

10. DIOR Rouge Terra Bella Balm Matte Lipstick

“Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India”


DIOR, as we all know is a famous runway brand that is associated with luxury. It is not just a makeup brand but us into several products such as clothing, bags, shoes, perfumes, etc. It is a one stop shop for all your dress up needs.

The DIOR Rouge DIOR Balm Matte Lipstick is made with natural ingredients such as floral extracts, shea butter etc. It is extremely nourishing for your lips and is more of a Balm with color than a lipstick.

Long lasting (up to 16 hours) with highly pigmented color, this lipstick makes your lips feel luminous, soft and healthy. Even though it is a matte lipstick, it glides on like a dream; so soft and silky.

The shade Terra Bella again is a very close match to the desert rose color with warm pink hues that match the Indian skin perfectly for every season, every occasion and every time of the day. Thus, listing it one among the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India.

Rs. 3,700/- for 3.5gm

Conclusion – 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India

In conclusion, the 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India list is a compilation of some of the top products that provide moisture and nourishment to dry lips while delivering the perfect matte finish. These lipsticks have been carefully selected based on their moisturizing properties, long-lasting wear, and vibrant colors. 

If you have dry lips and still want to rock a bold and beautiful matte lip look, these products are definitely worth trying. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one but with our list, you can easily find the one that suits your requirements. 

Don’t let dry lips hold you back from achieving the perfect pout, give these lipsticks a try and you will surely fall in love with them. So, go ahead and add these 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India to your beauty collection and enjoy a flawless and hydrated look all day long.

FAQ – 10 Best Matte Lipstick for Dry Lips in India

1. What causes dry lips when using matte lipstick?
Answer: Using matte lipstick regularly can cause dryness due to the high amount of pigment in the formula. Additionally, matte lipstick can strip the moisture from the natural oils in your skin.

2. How can I avoid dryness when using matte lipstick?
Answer: To avoid dryness, you can opt for matte lipsticks that are enriched with moisturizing ingredients. Look for formulas containing shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E.

3. Will a lip balm help prevent dryness when using matte lipstick?
Answer: Yes, you can use a lip balm before applying the lipstick to prevent dryness. Additionally, you can opt for a two-in-one matte lipstick that includes a built-in moisturizer.

4. Which brands offer the best matte lipsticks for dry lips in India?
Answer: Some of the top brands that offer the best matte lipstick for dry lips in India include Maybelline, Lakme, Nykaa, Colorbar, and MAC.

5. Can I use matte lipstick if I have extremely dry lips?
Answer: Yes, you can still use matte lipstick even if you have extremely dry lips. It is important to choose a formula that contains moisturizing ingredients.

6. Is it safe to use matte lipstick on a daily basis?
Answer: Yes, it is safe to use matte lipstick on a daily basis as long as you choose a formula that is enriched with moisturizing ingredients.

7. What are some of the best shades for matte lipstick on dry lips?
Answer: Some of the best shades for matte lipstick on dry lips include nude, peach, and pink shades. These shades tend to complement dry lips without accentuating dry patches.

8. How do I choose the right matte lipstick shade for my skin tone?
Answer: When choosing a matte lipstick shade, it is important to consider your skin tone. If you have a warm undertone, look for shades with yellow or orange undertones. If you have a cool undertone, choose shades with blue or pink undertones.

9. Is it necessary to use a lip liner with matte lipstick?
Answer: Using a lip liner with matte lipstick can help define your lips and prevent the color from bleeding. Additionally, a lip liner can also help to ensure the lipstick adheres well to the lips.

10. Can I wear matte lipstick if I have chapped lips?
Answer: It is best to avoid wearing matte lipstick if you have chapped lips as it can worsen the condition. However, you can still wear it if you use a good quality lip balm underneath to protect and moisturize your lips. Choose a best matte lipstick for dry lips in India that has a moisturizing formula and apply it carefully to avoid further dryness.

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