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Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India

Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India

With the growing trend of home theaters in India, creating a perfect acoustic room is becoming very important. Achieving the perfect acoustic environment involves the  managing of sound waves within the room and preventing any kind of echo, reverberation and distortions.

Thus, to solve this issue, acoustic panels come in to picture. Acoustic Panels help you in creating a perfect acoustic space in your home theater.

In this article, “Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India, we’ll take a closer look at topics such as What is Acoustic Treatment, Types of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater and a few Top reputed Manufacturers and suppliers of Acoustic Panels in India.

What is Acoustic Treatment?


In very simple terms, Acoustic Treatment is the process of removing echo and reverberation in the Home Theater. In every room, there are many reflective surfaces, due to which, when sound touches these surfaces, it gets reflected back. Thus, creating echo.

The higher the reflective surfaces in a room, the higher the echo and reverberation. In order to eliminate the reflective surfaces, an additional treatment is carried out which is called as Acoustic Treatment.


Every room has three surfaces – Wall, Ceiling and Flooring. In order to remove the echo in the room, these surfaces are covered with materials which may range from acoustic panels, diffusers, bass traps, false ceiling tiles, carpets, recliners etc. 

In this article “Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India”, we will mainly suggest the best combination of Acoustic materials that can be used to achieve the best acoustics.

Types of Acoustic Panels


There are a variety of Acoustic panels and materials available in the market. However, it is very important to choose the right material in order to get the best Acoustic Treatment results.

If the right combination of Acoustic panels are not installed in a proper manner, the acoustics achieved may not be very good. Thus, tampering your Home Theater experience.

The following article “Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India” mentions the best Acoustic Treatment materials available in the Indian market and also lists a certain combination of materials that can be used to achieve the best results.

1. Wood Wool Board


One of most widely used Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India is Wood Wool Board or also called as Wood Wool cement board. It is the best Acoustic Treatment material currently available in the market. 

These Acoustic Boards are made from Pine wood strands that are mixed with cement and chemicals in order to create a strong and porous Acoustic Board. These Acoustic boards have the capacity to absorb 90 – 95% upon impact. Thus, eliminating a very high percentage of reflection instantly.


They are widely used in treating the walls and ceiling. Wood wool boards can be directly fixed on to the wall or a framework. Further, for aesthetics, wood wool boards can be finished off with either Fabric or Spray Paint. A highly recommended combination for home theater is as follows:


For Wall Acoustic Treatment, the 1st process involves the installation of a framework. The frame work can be constructed using either Plywood or Pine wood. Do not use a Aluminum or G.I framework as it may cause some rattling sound. 

Once the frame is installed, the space between the frame is filled with an insulation material such as Glass wool, Rock wool or Poly wool. Once the insulation material has been installed, Wood wool boards are fixed on to the framework and finished off with either fabric or Spray Paint. 

Wood wool boards of 18 to 20mm thickness is preferable as they have a very high absorbing property. For Ceiling Acoustic Treatment, you can either carry out the same process as mentioned above or you can create a Suspended T-Grid False ceiling structure. 

Once, a 2ft x 2ft Modular grid ceiling structure is installed, the wood wool boards can be laid on to the framework. The Acoustic boards can be finished off with either fabric or Spray Paint.

2. Polyester Wadding / Polywool


Ranking on the 2nd spot in the list of “Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India” is Polyester Wadding or Poly wool. It is a type of insulation material that is widely used in Home Theater Acoustic Treatment. Poly wool is very similar to Glass wool and Rock wool. 

However, unlike Glass wool and Rock wool, Poly wool is a very safe and Eco-friendly material. Poly wool is Non-carcinogenic material and does not emit any harmful dust particles during application. Thus, eliminating any form of irritation and itching caused in comparison to glass wool and rock wool.


As wood wool board is good for Mid and high frequency noise levels,  poly wool is good for low frequency noise levels. Thus, an efficient acoustic treatment practice is to combine both the materials in order to achieve the highest form of Acoustic Treatment.

3. PET Polyester Acoustic Panel


Ranking on the 3rd spot in the list of “Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India” is PET Polyester Acoustic Panel. Unlike Wood wool boards, these panels are made from 100% PET and give a Felt like finish. 

They are Available in a variety of pre – finished colors and can be directly pasted on to any surface using glue or adhesive. PET Polyester Acoustic Panel falls in the D.I.Y (Do It yourself) category as they are easy to cut and install.


However, in terms of Acoustic treatment, they fall a little short in terms of the absorption properties when compared to Wood wool board and Poly wool. PET Polyester acoustic panels, have a absorption capacity of only up to 70 to 75%. 

I would only recommend this form of Acoustic treatment when the budget is less and you’re looking for a very economical form of Acoustic Treatment for your Home theater. Also, in terms of Aesthetics, PET Polyester Acoustic panels have a very limited range of designs and finishes when compared to Wood wool board.

4. Foam based Acoustic Panels


Ranking on the 4th spot in the list of “Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India” is Foam based Acoustic Panels or PU Foam Acoustic Panels. These Acoustic Panels are made from Polyurethane and is available mostly in black. 

They come in a variety of designs such as Pyramid, Egg-tray, Grooves etc. Although, they have a a pretty good absorption rate, I would personally not recommend them for Home Theaters as they are good for recording studios, Media rooms, Vloggers etc.


These acoustic panels are very economical and fall under the D.I.Y segment. As per my suggestion, only choose this method when you are looking for a very cost effective option. These Acoustic panels do not give a Theatrical outlook and are rarely used in Theaters and Home Theaters.

Top Dealers of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India

The list consists of Top Dealers of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India. The companies listed below are among the top most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Acoustic Panels in India. They are very knowledgeable and have gained a very good reputation in the market.

1. Jayswal Agencies


Jayswal Agencies is located in Bangalore, India and deal with a variety of Acoustic Treatment materials. They are one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of all types of Acoustic Treatment materials. 

They supply all over India and regularly export the Acoustic materials to Countries like U.A.E, Australia, Singapore, Bahrain etc. Jayswal Agencies also have a Home Theater experience center which will help you in getting a 1st hand experience.


They have a very wide range of materials ranging from Wood Wool Board, Glass WoolRock Wool, Poly wool, PET Polyester Acoustic Panels, PU Foam Acoustic Panels, Bass traps, Diffusers, Acoustic Ceiling tiles, Carpets, Acoustic Fabric etc. 

Making them a 1 Stop Solution for Acoustic Treatment. Apart from being manufacturers and suppliers of Acoustic Treatment materials, they also have an In house designing and installation team which can take up the entire work of setting up your home theater ranging from Acoustic treatment, Speakers, Systems etc.


No matter what is the requirement, you can approach them without any hesitation. Thus, making them Rank on the 1st spot among the top dealers of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India.

Contact Details: +919008400701  / +919008400705
Email Address:
Website:   /
Address: #6, 10th B Cross, Jayswal Center, KHB Main Road, Kaveri Nagar, Kanakanagar, RT Nagar Post, Bangalore – 560032.

2. White Noise Acoustics


White Noise Acoustics is an Acoustic Consultant firm that takes up end to end Acoustic treatment work for Home Theaters. They majorly specialize in Home theaters and cater to clients all across South India. 

Their team of Acoustic Consultants and engineers are quite knowledgeable and will be able to help you with setting up your Home theater. Thus, making them Rank on the 2nd spot among the top dealers of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India.


Contact Details: +919008400702 

3. Mmg Acoustical Consultants

MMG Acoustical Consultants is primarily located in Bangalore, India and provide services all over India. They have very good experience in the Home theater segment and deal with a variety of Acoustic Treatment materials. Thus, making them Rank on the 3rd spot among the top dealers of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India.

Contact Details: 

 Address: 301, Santhome, 33/1 1, ACS 1st, Bangalore – 560001

4. Fusion Acoustic Solutions

Located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Fusion Acoustic Solutions provide both Acoustic Treatment and Soundproofing solutions. They have a variety of materials ranging from wall Paneling, False ceiling and Acoustic doors. Thus, making them Rank on the 4th spot among the top dealers of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India.

Address: No.8/7 Nethaji Colony, 10th Cross Street, Velacheri, Chennai – 600042

5. Sound N Video

Located in New Delhi, Sound N Video is a 8 Year old company that has been providing its Acoustic Consultancy services all across North India. A very reliable company to carry out your Acoustic Treatment requirements. Thus, making them Rank on the 5th spot among the top dealers of Acoustic Panels for Home Theater in India.

Contact Details: +919810550824
Address: 999, First Floor, Shop No 2, Main M.G Road, Arjangarh, Delhi – 110047

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1. What is the difference between acoustic treatment and sound proofing?

Please note, there is a huge difference between Acoustic Treatment and Sound proofing. In most of the cases, usually people get confused between the two or consider both the procedures the same. This will lead to a total disaster and you may end up with a Home theater that does not meet your requirement.

As explained earlier, Acoustic Treatment is the process of removing the echo present in the room. Where as, sound proofing is the process of preventing the sound from traveling outside the room and vice versa. After soundproofing a room, the internal sound remains internally and the external sound does not enter the home theater.

2. What is required for a home theater – Acoustic treatment or Soundproofing?

Although soundproofing is an important aspect, your main focus should be on Acoustic Treatment. If you do not carry out proper Acoustic Treatment, you will not be able to achieve a Perfect Acoustic environment for your Home theater. 

Without Acoustic Treatment, you will not be able hear the sound from your sound system clearly because of all the excess echo and reverberation present in the room. This will tamper the entire immersive experience for a Home theater and surround sound effect.


In India, most home theater projects only go for Acoustic Treatment. Soundproofing is carried out only in cases where it might cause an hindrance to your neighbors. If you don’t want to disturb your neighbors, then you will have to choose both Soundproofing with Acoustic treatment in the same order. 

Please do note, most of the PU Acoustic foams available online state that the Panel is both an Acoustic Treatment material and a Sound proofing material as well. Please do not fall for such False claims.


PU foam has good absorbing properties but does not help much in the soundproofing segment. There is no such material in the market that gives both Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment. 

Various combination of materials are used in order to achieve both sound proofing and Acoustic treatment individually.

3. What are the maintenance costs in acoustic treatment?

Acoustic treatment has very low maintenance costs. All the materials mentioned earlier are very easy to maintain and does not require much attention.

The fabric or felt finish panels can be easily cleaned or swapped and may require only vacuum cleaning once a year. They do not accumulate huge amount of dust. These panels are almost maintenance free.

4. How much does acoustic treatment for a Home Theater cost in India?

The costs for Acoustic treatment in a Home Theater can vary a lot. If you are planning to use DIY Acoustic Panels, for a Room size of 20ft x 10ft, it may costs you around Rs. 75000 to 100000.

If you choose to go ahead with an Home Theater Acoustic Consultant, they may charge you in and around Rs. 150000 to 400000. The price will vary depending on what kind of Products the consultant will use.

Moreover, if you are planning on setting up a dedicated Home Theater, I would recommend you to go with an Acoustic consultant as they will be able to give you a perfect solution for your room. Plus, this will definitely ensure that the room will be properly treated. 

5. What is the lifespan of Acoustic Panel?

The life of any kind of Acoustic Panels will generally lasts for a minimum of 10 to 15 years. However, if you are going with fabric wrapped Acoustic panels, ensure that you maintain them. Proper maintenance of fabric panels will give a lifespan of minimum 10 years. Or else, you will have to change them once every 5 to 7 years.

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