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Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India

Introduction - Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India

“Give your bedroom a new elegant look by sprucing it up with a false ceiling”

A false ceiling, as you must know, is a drop-down ceiling that is installed below your main ceiling. It is a popular choice for people who want to add a design element to the ceiling while also having functional benefits.

For a bedroom, you generally aim for a warm, cozy and comfortable atmosphere. False ceilings can help you achieve this by providing numerous advantages such as concealing wires and fixtures, providing different kind of mood lighting, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the different Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India and also the important factors that you must consider while designing and installing the most elegant false ceiling for your Bedroom.

Advantages of installing a False Ceiling in the Bedroom


There are several benefits of installing a false ceiling in your bedroom. A few of the important ones are listed below:

1. A false ceiling can also be used to soundproof your room or to help insulate your room. Insulation materials help keep the room warmer or colder depending on the material used and seasons. They can also help reduce noise levels from passing into or outside the room.

2. One of the best uses of installing false ceilings and the most common one is to conceal electric wiring and other fixtures. By concealing wiring and fixtures, you can give your room a cleaner, neater and clutter free look.

3. False ceilings also help you play around with lighting options. You can install a chandelier or have mood lighting installed to give your look the warm, cozy or modern, timeless look you are aiming for.

4. It enhances the aesthetics of your bedroom. Depending on the design you choose, you can give your room a more sophisticated or rustic or even modern timeless look. There are a variety of textures, colours and materials available to choose from. A false ceiling adds to the aesthetic value and design elements of your bedroom.

Different False Ceilings options for the Bedroom

There are several false ceiling materials and options to choose from, to have the perfect looking bedroom of your dreams. The all have their own benefits and limitations. It is important to choose the option that is most suited and beneficial to you. Some of the popular choices of false ceilings for bedrooms are as below:

1. Gypsum False Ceiling

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


One of the most common types of false ceilings used in bedrooms is Gypsum False Ceilings. They are made by fixing gypsum boards on channels hung from the actual ceiling and can be painted and textured as per your preferences. These false ceilings are very durable and lightweight in nature.

They can also be cut into several shapes and designs with ease, hence making them a popular choice. Apart from this, they are also 1 one of the most economical form of False ceiling products for your bedroom. Typically a bedroom size of 15ft x 20ft will cost in an around Rs. 20000 to 35000 depending on the complexity of the design. 

2. POP False Ceiling

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


Plaster of Paris, commonly known as POP is made by mixing gypsum plaster with water and further reinforcing it with Fiber glass strands. The following mixture is used to create a sheet of size of 3ft x 2ft or 6ft x 4ft. They are relatively less expensive than other false ceilings and are extremely easy to install and repair.

They help give a nice design element with all the styles it can be molded into, making it a popular choice. However, they have been replaced with gypsum board false ceiling over the years. But some people still prefer this material as it is very strong in nature and does not crack over a long period of time when compared to Gypsum Board.

A bedroom size of 15ft x 20ft will cost in an around Rs. 18000 to 28000 depending on the complexity of the design. 

3. Wooden False Ceiling

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


Wooden Ceilings are perfect if you are aiming for a more rustic, earthy look for your bedroom. They give the room a natural warmth and a sense of coziness. These can be made with different types of wood such as plywood, MDF, solid wood, etc., and can be stained or polished in multiple shades, to match the interior of your bedroom.

4. Glass False Ceiling

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


If you are aiming at a modern and stylish outlook with lots of natural light filtering into your bedroom, glass false ceilings make the perfect option. These are made using tempered glass, which sometimes can also be stained or frosted and help you add drama to your room while also making the room brightly lit with natural light.

These are extremely easy to maintain and clean, help reduce electricity costs, making them a popular and cost-effective choice.

5. Sound Proof Panels

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”

If you are looking to improve the sound proofing properties of your bedroom, opting for materials that have such properties is ideal. If you live in noisy areas or if your bedroom is facing a main road that has traffic throughout, these panels are your best bet.

Materials such as Fiber Cement Board, Sound Block Board, MGO Board along with Fiber glass wool or Mineral Rock Wool insulation help reduce the passage of sound in and out of the bedroom, hereby reducing the noise.

6. Metal

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


If you are looking for long lasting, extremely durable materials for the false ceiling of your bedroom, metal false ceilings are your best bet. They can be painted in a range of colours, suiting the aesthetics of your room and are made with materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, brass etc.

7. PVC and Soffit Planks

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


PVC and Soffit false ceilings are extremely versatile and can be made to look like different materials such as wood, metal, etc. These are cost effective and easy maintenance substitute  materials. PVC false ceilings are durable, lightweight, low maintenance and extremely easy to install. I personally love the wooden finishes in PVC.

Soffit Planks are similar to PVC False ceiling panel but give a better textured finish and are extremely strong and flexible. PVC Planks can be installed only on a flat surface, whereas Soffit planks are very flexible and can be installed on a curvy surface as well. However, soffit planks are more expensive than PVC Planks.

8. Fabric

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


As the name suggests, these ceilings are made with fabric. There are a wide range of fabrics that you can choose from such as silk, polyester, cotton, etc. These are slightly harder and more expensive to maintain but the effect you get with these kinds of ceilings is like no other.

You can opt for a warm, casual and calming look or a modern, sophisticated look depending on the material, colors, design, texture, etc., you choose. The fabric is printed based on the design you choose and stretched and tucked in to the ceiling. The Tucking mechanism provides the option of replacing the fabric with a new design in the future.

9. Gypsum Cornices with Center Flowers

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


Gypsum cornices, Center Flowers and Domes are POP based False ceiling products that are made from Plaster of Paris and Fiber Glass Strands. Based on European style of Architecture, cornices and center flowers have gained quiet a lot of popularity in the Indian market.

They are very easy to install and the most economical form of false ceiling material when compared to other options. They are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Factors to consider while designing False Ceiling for your Bedroom

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


There are several factors one needs to consider while designing the perfect false ceiling for their bedroom. Few of the important factors are as below:

1. Shape and Size of the Room: The shape and size of the room, its location, play a very important role in deciding on the perfect false ceiling. For example, if you have a small room, a low false ceiling with dark colours can be overwhelming.

Or if your room is located in a corner where there is less light and you opt for a false ceiling that is low and uses materials such as fabric, that do not reflect light then it will make your room look a lot darker and dingier.

2. Comparing different options: The most important factor while deciding on your false ceiling is to compare different options. Depending on the aesthetics you are aiming for, you can compare the false ceilings depending on the costing, durability, installation, maintenance, etc. Every false ceiling has its own pros and cons and it is essential to choose the one that ticks most of your requirement boxes.

3. Lighting Requirements: Lighting is an important factor to consider while choosing the false ceiling for your bedroom. If you are looking for natural light, you can install glass false ceiling so you can get optimal natural light in your room.

If your room is in a dark corner with less natural light, you can opt for materials that will make your room appear larger and brighter such as Gypsum false ceiling. You can also install multiple lights to make the room brighter and livelier or have different mood lightings.

4. Personal Style and Preferences: This, of course, is one of the major factors for decision making. The style and aesthetics you are aiming for in the bedroom need to match your personal style. A bedroom is a place where you spend quiet a lot of time and is a reflection of your true self.

Hence, it is integral to keep your personal style in mind while choosing materials and designing the false ceiling for your bedroom. From colours, textures, materials, fabrics, etc., the choices are endless.

5. Budget Constraints: Another important factor to consider while designing a false ceiling for your bedroom is the budget. Depending on the budget you allocate, you can make the right choice of materials and designs that also match your preferences.

Gypsum board, POP are more budget friendly while compared to fabric or metal ceilings. Also, cost of maintenance, upkeep and repair also play a vital role and must be taken into consideration while decision making.

Tips that can help you design an elegant False Ceiling for your Bedroom

“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


1. You can also incorporate dimming switches for your lights or have mood lighting installed to give your room the warmth and coziness it needs. Afterall it is a bedroom and needs to be cozy along with being stylish and practical.

2. While choosing the false ceiling for your room, you need to consider the existing décor of the room. If you are aiming for a modern and sophisticated look yo9ou can get gypsum board or glass false ceilings, while wooden or PVC will give you a warmer, rustic look.

3. Choosing the right colour and textures that suite your room as well as your preferences is key in deciding on the type of false ceiling for your room. The colours and textures need to match with the rest of the décor of the room so as to complement the design rather than clash with it.

4. You can also add trimmings and moldings to the edges of your false ceiling to give it more depth and definition. These really elevate the design of your false ceiling and these trimmings and moldings can be the factor that help blend the false ceiling with the rest of the décor of the room.

5. You can also use different levels and depths to give your false ceiling more volume and body. You can also add elements such as coffered ceilings with beams, moldings or have different levels created with different materials.

For example, you can install a recessed ceiling over the bed area while having a higher ceiling in the rest of the room. You can also play around with different shapes instead of the usual squares and rectangles.

6. Mirrors are another fun way to add oomph to your room. You can add mirrors to your ceiling or other reflective tiles. These will not only add depth and a touch of royalty to your room, but will also reflect light making your room feel larger and brighter.

With these tips and ideas, you can design the perfect false ceiling for your bedroom that is aesthetically pleasing while also being functional, practical and matching your styles and preferences.


“Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India”


False ceilings are a great way to enhance the décor and aesthetics of your room. Not only that, they can be used for other functions such as sound proofing, for acoustics or insulation purposes, etc.

It is important to first analyze your requirements and then find materials that match your requirements while also being suitable to your budget and overall feel and look of the room.

A good and pleasing false ceiling design can elevate the whole mood of your bedroom, making it important to keep your styles and preferences in design, colour, texture, lighting, etc., in mind while deciding among the options available.

With all the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, we hope you are able to choose the perfect materials and designs for your space and have a relaxing, comforting and cozy bedroom.

Frequently Asked Question - Bedroom False Ceiling Designs in India

1. What is a false ceiling design?
A false ceiling design is an artificial ceiling built underneath the main ceiling of a room, typically used for aesthetic purposes or to hide electrical wiring, pipes, or air conditioning ducts.

2. What are some popular bedroom false ceiling designs in India?
Some popular bedroom false ceiling designs in India include simple plasterboard designs, suspended gypsum board ceilings, wooden paneling, and decorative mouldings.

3. What is the cost of installing a bedroom false ceiling design in India?
The cost of installing a bedroom false ceiling design in India depends on the material used, the design complexity, and the size of the room. On average, the cost can range from INR 70 to INR 500 per square foot.

4. What are the benefits of installing a false ceiling design in a bedroom?
Installing a false ceiling design in a bedroom can help to improve the room’s aesthetics, reduce noise levels, provide insulation, and hide unsightly elements such as ductwork or wiring.

5. What materials can be used for bedroom false ceiling designs in India?
Common materials used for bedroom false ceiling designs in India include gypsum board, PVC, Glass, MDF, wood, and metal.

6. How long does it take to install a bedroom false ceiling designs in India?
The installation time for a bedroom false ceiling design in India depends on the complexity of the design, the size of the room, and the chosen materials. On average, the installation can take anywhere from 2-5 days.

7. Can a false ceiling design be customized to match the overall decor of a bedroom in India?
Yes, false ceiling designs can be customized to match the overall decor of a bedroom. The design can be tailored to complement the existing color scheme, furniture, and accessories.

8. Are there any maintenance requirements for bedroom false ceiling designs in India?
While false ceiling designs are relatively low maintenance, periodic cleaning may be required to prevent the buildup of dust or debris. Regular inspections should also be carried out to ensure that the ceiling is structurally sound.

9. Can bedroom false ceiling designs in India be retrofitted into an existing room?
Yes, a false ceiling design can be retrofitted into an existing bedroom in India. However, the installation process may be more challenging, depending on the condition of the existing ceiling and the complexity of the design.

10. Can bedroom false ceiling designs in India be removed or modified?
Yes, false ceiling designs in India can be removed or modified if necessary. However, the removal or modification process may be more complicated, depending on the materials used and the design complexity.

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