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10 Best Handbags for Women


Before listing the 10 Best Handbags for Women, let us discuss the importance of Handbags. All women love handbags. I am no exception to this. My love for bags is real. I have over a dozen and they are still not enough. Bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, for every occasion and time of the day.

You can get a wallet or a wrist-let for your cash and cards, or a clutch for when you play dress up. Also, you can even have a bag for work like a laptop bag, backpack or a medium tote bag, Sling bags or cross body bags for a dinner or the movies or a large tote bag for your travels. There are so many different kinds to choose from.

I personally love a good tote bag or a sleek sling or cross body bag. In this “Best Handbags for Women” post, I am going to write about my most favorite shoulder / tote bags. These are perfect for everyday use. You can take them to work and carry them to your dinner date after work as well. 

They can fit in your whole world, yet look so stylish and elegant. I prefer to carry the same bag everyday of the week (except for the weekends out) and change them one in a few months. I literally carry my whole house in the bag (not kidding), so it is extremely hard for me to shift all the stuff into a new one every day or weekly.

But each to their own! If you love bags as much as I do, and are looking for one that suits your work life best, please do read my blog “10 Best Handbags for Women” to the end. Hope you find something you love.

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10 Best Handbags for Women

1. Tommy Hilfiger Shoulder Bag with Detachable Strap


Grabbing the No. 1 Spot among the Best Handbags for Women is the sleek and classy black shoulder bag from the House of Tommy Hilfiger. It comes from a great brand, looks elegant and is extremely light weight on your arm. The Handbag is made of PU and comes with a single zip on the top.

It does not have any compartments or smaller zipper pockets inside. A one compartment bag which makes it extremely easy for you to find things inside. Moreover, it comes in only a single color – solid black and has a detachable long strap along with its regular shoulder handles.  

The metal logo of the brand is attached to the front top of the bag and the inner lining also has the brand logo printed on the material throughput. In addition, the shoulder straps also have small metal buckles in the front and back and the detachable straps also have metal clasps attached. 

A very simple, straight forward bag with not too many elements disturbing the look of it. If you love a classy yet simple bag, you should definitely get your hands on this one.

Rs. 8,599/-

2. Lavie Solid Tote Bag

Best Handbags for Women”


Lavie is a new age brand which provides a multitude of bag options. They have bags of every kind, size and color and at affordable prices. This bag in particular is one of my favorites from the brand. It comes in 7 different color options from black, grey, pink, green, etc. 

The Handbag is made of synthetic material and comes with a premium shiny crock texture. It has dual shoulder straps and also a detachable cross body strap. The branding is embossed metal in the top center of the bag. 

Furthermore, it can easily be used as a work bag as it comes with a center divider creating 2 compartments with pockets for phone, chargers on one side and a small zipper compartment on the other side. This makes it very easy to keep your bag well organized. 

The handbag is a closed bag with a zipper on top, making it extremely easy to carry around throughout the day. It can also fit in your iPad, tablet or a book to carry. Thus, making it rank on the 2nd spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 4,799/-

3. Elliza Donatein Quilted Chic Zg PU Formal Tote Handbag

Best Handbags for Women”


Elliza Donatein is a brand registered under the department store chain Shoppers Stop. You will find these bags only at shoppers stop stores across India or very few eCommerce websites like amazon. The bags from Elliza Donatein are new age designer bags with come with the affordability and trendiness quotient. 

This bag in particular is a front only quilted bag that comes in 2 colors – Tan and Black. I personally love the tan as it brings out the design of the bag to a whole different level. It is a chick bag with a main top center zipper and a small zipper pouch on the back side. 

The inside has a divider in between which also doubles as a zip pouch and has 2 small pouches on one side where you can store your phone, charger, card case, etc and the other side has a small zipper pouch. 

In addition, the branding is engraved on a small metal plate and placed on the top front of the bag with dual shoulder straps. It is a very light weight and comfortable bag making it very convenient to carry and keep your stuff well organized. Thus, making it rank on the 3rd spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 2,299/-

4. Van Heusen Handbag

Best Handbags for Women”


Van Heusen is a brand from the giant Aditya Birla Fashion and is marketed and advertised as a brand for working men and women. They are essentially a clothing brand that has also ventured into bags, shoes, lingerie and more in the past few years. 

This particular handbag that I have picked as my favorite from the brand is a new launch and has a unique design. It is a work bag, made of PU, that can fit your tablet, iPad or smaller laptop in the laptop compartment that is provided within. 

Furthermore, the handbag has only one other compartment apart from the laptop sleeve that has a smaller zipper and pouch on the back, inside. The top has a closable zipper and the front has a small pouch with a magnet clip on clasp that can fit your keys, phone or any other essentials that you might need easy access to. 

Moreover, the dual shoulder straps are adjustable with buckles in the front and back. They also have provided a cute little brand charm hanging in the front from one of the shoulder straps. Thus, making it rank on the 4th spot among the Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 3,599/-

5. Aldo Large Tote

Best Handbags for Women”


Aldo is one of the leading brands for bags and shoes in India in the mid segment range. They make extremely classy, modern shoes and bags which are loved by the millennia. This bag in particular is one of my favorites from their recent collection. It is a dual tone bag which has a dark beige front and back and a soft cream on the sides. 

Furthermore, this handbag is a single compartment bag which has a small zipper on the inside for essentials and comes with a zipper on top with an additional clip-on strap on top. One of the dual black shoulder straps also has a delicate bag charm hanging off it. 

The metal details all come in an elegant gold finish making the bag look its charming best. Dual tone of the bag along with the black and gold accents from the straps and charm make it an excellent work or all-day bag. This bag surely goes on my next buy list. Thus, making it rank on the 5th spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 10,999/-

6. Accessorize London

Best Handbags for Women”


This nude tote bag from Accessorize London screams simplicity and style. The dusty rose nude pink shade is perfect for an everyday bag as the color can be matched with any outfit. It is a single compartment bag with a twist lock closure on the top. 

The Handbag has an extremely cute Britney Bee metal figurine on the top that also doubles as the twist lock. It is made of synthetic leather, which makes usage and maintenance very easy. In addition, the bag has a small zipper pouch on the inside where you can store your essentials. 

It also comes in an all-black color which looks equally charming. Thus, making it rank on the 6th spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 6,895/-

7. Lino Perros

Best Handbags for Women”


The brand Lino Perros is synonymous with faux leather hand bags. They make bags for every occasion and type. This bag in particular is an extremely light weight and user-friendly bag. It is made of faux leather with a croc leatherette material design. 

It has two compartments inside, the middle divider being an attached zipper pouch. Furthermore, it also has a small zipper inside along with a pouch on the other side for storing essentials. It is tall, elegant and is a great bag for work. Big enough to fit your laptop. 

The Handbag comes in a dark brown or black color and also has a tiny zip pouch on the outside (back) where you can keep little things like car keys, sanitizer handy; without actually having to open up your bag. 

It is one of my favorite bags from the brand as it is extremely classy with its sharp edges and is also great for carrying around a lot of stuff. Thus, making it rank on the 7th spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 4,995/-

8. Da Milano

Best Handbags for Women”


Da Milano is one of my most favorite brands for bags and wallets. They make the most amazing bags in leather and also provide a life time maintenance service. Most of my bags are from this brand, in fact for my last birthday my husband gifted me a sling bag from their spring summer collection. 

This bag in particular (also one I own) is a great buy. It is a mid / large tote bag which is oh so spacious. The bag has an external zipper for keys and essentials, two compartments on the inside for optimal and segregated storage and five pockets. 

In addition, the top is a zipper and it comes with small hard straps as well as long chained shoulder handles; making it easy to carry on the shoulder or hooked over your elbow. The design is simple yet elegant having its sides quilted and the center in clean plain leather. 

It is one of the most functional bags great for work or to just stuff your whole house in it. Thus, making it rank on the 8th spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 15,999/-

9. Hidesign

Best Handbags for Women”


Hidesign, also like Da Milano is an all-leather brand. They make fun and quirky bags with varied colors. They also provide lifetime service warranty and their bags are worth the price tag. Their handbags last a lifetime (unless externally damaged) as they are made of pure leather. 

The bag that I picked from their collection is a work bag, with a difference. It has a cute little press button pouch in the front of the bag, that makes all the difference. Furthermore, it also has a zipper pouch in the back and has multiple compartments, pouches and zippers inside. 

A great handbag for people who love organized bags and like to carry the same bag for weeks or months together. This dark tan color bag comes with dual shoulder straps and the top zipper runs to the bottom, giving complete accessibility to the bag and also lets you carry your laptop or tablet.

Thus, making it rank on the 9th spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 9,795/-

10. Guess Snap Closure Tote Handbag

Best Handbags for Women”


This trendy and chic tote bag from Guess is a crowd pleaser. It is large and spacious with one single compartment that can stock all your belongings. It has an attached small zipper pouch in the center which can store away your essentials and a open pouch on one side for your phone, charger or any other little things you need on hand. 

Furthermore, it is a nude blush pink shade that comes with loops attaching the shoulder straps and a snap closure on the top with the Guess brand logo in metal. Extremely simplistic and modern; perfect for your day out with friends, work or even a day at the beach. Thus, making it rank on the 10th spot among the 10 Best Handbags for Women.

Rs. 7,999/-

Conclusion – Best Handbags for Women

In conclusion, the perfect handbag can elevate any outfit and serve as a functional accessory for the busy woman on the go. Our list of the best handbags for women offers a range of styles and sizes to fit any need or preference. 

Whether you’re looking for a designer luxury bag or a more affordable option, our recommendations cover a variety of price points. From the classic tote to the trendy crossbody, these handbags are both stylish and practical. 

The Best Handbags for Women are the ones that not only look good but also serve the purpose. With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to find the right one. We hope this article has helped you in finding your ideal handbag that will add a touch of style to your everyday look.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Best Handbags for Women and their answers:

1. What are the top handbag brands for women?
Answer: There are many great handbag brands for women, including Michael Kors, Coach, Kate Spade, and Gucci.

2. What type of handbag is best for everyday use?
Answer: A cross body or shoulder bag is a great option for everyday use, as they are easy to carry and can hold all of your necessities.

3. What is the best material for a handbag?
Answer: Leather is a popular choice for handbags as it is durable and long-lasting. Vegan leather is another great option.

4. What size handbag should I choose?
Answer: The size of your handbag will depend on your personal needs. Consider the items you carry regularly and choose a size that can comfortably fit everything.

5. Can I find affordable handbags that are still high quality?
Answer: Yes, there are many affordable handbag options that are still high quality, such as those from brands like Baggit and Code.

6. What colors are most versatile for handbags?
Answer: Neutral colors like black, brown, and beige are the most versatile for handbags as they can be worn with a variety of outfits.

7. Should I choose a structured or unstructured handbag?
Answer: This preference is up to you. A structured handbag will maintain its shape, while an unstructured bag has a more relaxed feel.

8. How can I ensure my handbag lasts a long time?
Answer: Proper care and maintenance, such as cleaning and conditioning the leather, will help your handbag last longer.

9. Can I find handbags with multiple compartments?
Answer: Yes, many handbags come with multiple compartments to help keep you organized.

10. What is the average price for a high-quality handbag?
Answer: The price for best handbags for women can vary greatly, but expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 5000 and above for a high quality bag.

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