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10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for the greatest economical, equally effective men’s fragrances in India. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000 today that includes some of the most reasonably priced fragrances available in India for men.


The second most important item you must have in your wardrobe, after your clothing, is your perfume. People will notice you and be willing to speak with you if you smell amazing, which will greatly enhance your personality and confidence. However, you do not have to spend a fortune on pricey perfumes in order to smell amazing.


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10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000

1. Beardo Godfather Perfume for Men


The Beardo Godfather Perfume for Guys is the first item on our list of 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000. It is a perfume with a strong geranium flower scent and a long-lasting mixture of mint and lemon. Compared to other perfumes that are Eau De Toilettes, this one is an Eau De Parfum and has a higher concentration.


Its base notes of musk and vetiver lend it a varied appeal, allowing you to use it both throughout the day and at night. To sum up, it is made by the Beardo company, which is well-known in India for its cutting-edge men’s grooming products.

Rs. 529/- (100ml)

2. Bombay Shaving Company Mexico EDT Perfume for Men


Mexico EDT Perfume for Men is the best option if you want to smell like a lovely Sunday afternoon on one of Mexico’s magnificent beaches but lack the money to do so. This perfume is invigorating because to the divine fusion of citrus and woody notes, and the top notes of lemon, bergamot and neroli will make you stand out as soon as you enter a room.


The final touches of this perfume, which will linger long after you leave the room, are the robust scents of Rose and Teakwood. This is one among the 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000 in India thanks to the calming and woodsy base notes of Vetiver & Musk.

Rs. 449/- (100ml)

3. Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men


We can all recall the amusing Fogg perfume commercials with the catchphrase “Aajkal Fogg Chal Raha Hai”. And while it’s true that this brand of perfumes was unknown a few years ago, millions of men’s closets in India now contain it.


With a base note of sandalwood, this perfume, Fogg Xtremo Scent for Men, has a unique blend of different scents like rose, bitter orange, jasmine, ginger, jasmine and honey amber accord. 

If you prefer perfumes that are gentler, this is not suited for you because it is really potent. It is one of the 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000 in India and is quite reasonably priced.

Rs.  479/- (100ml)

4. The Man Company Polo Woods Green


Given that you’ll be using the perfume daily, it stands to reason that you’ll look at the most economical alternative when choosing a perfume. You can use The Man Company Polo Woods Green EDT Perfume For Men every day because it lasts for a long time and is reasonably priced.

Your aura will be difficult to miss thanks to the woody base note, middle notes of lavender, and peach-flavored first notes. 
Additionally, the fragrance is enhanced with essential oils and a base note of patchouli, an aromatic oil made from plants native to South East Asia.

These elements combine in harmony to offer you a remarkable scent that will become a part of your personality. Thus, listing this perfume as one among the 
10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000.

Rs. 599/- (100ml)

5. Yardley London Gentleman Classic Perfume for Men


One of the perfume companies that has lasted the test of time is Yardley. Despite the abundance of options on the market for men’s fragrance, many Indian men continue to love this British classic fragrance. The Yardley London Gentleman Classic Perfume for Men is an example of this legacy and makes it in the list of 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000.


It features heart notes of Moroccan rose and Egyptian jasmine, base notes of white musk, vanilla, tonka beans, sandalwood, and white chocolate, and base notes of cardamom, black pepper, and mandarin. 

The Yardley London Gentleman Classic Perfume for Men, with its concoction of so many exotic scents, is certain to make an impression on everyone you happen to meet or even pass by.

Rs. 519/- (100ml)

6. Villain Desire Eau De Parfum For Men


Contrary to what the name might imply, this perfume is a true champion among men’s fragrances. The Villain Desire Eau De Parfum For Men is a unique perfume made in India that contains pheromones, a chemical that makes animals of the same species of the opposite gender desire one another sexually. 

Although we are unsure of its efficacy, it is nevertheless worthwhile to give it a shot. The top notes in this eau de parfum are caramel and coconut, the middle notes are floral notes like jasmine, and the base notes are vanilla, amber, and patchouli. 

This perfume makes the promise that pheromones and other substances will increase your sexual attraction. It is fairly potent and has a lingering scent. Thus, making it in the list of top 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000.

Rs. 599/- (100ml)

7. Bella Vita Organic CEO MAN Eau De Parfum


We advise you to begin by wearing the Bella Vita Organic CEO MAN Eau De Parfum if you ever want to work as a CEO of a company. Putting your business sense aside, this perfume will offer you the confidence you need and a personality that will undoubtedly catch people’s notice and pique their curiosity.


What makes this perfume rank in the Top 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000 is its potency. This perfume has a potent blend of earthy scents that will last you 6–8 hours and may be worn for a romantic date with your crush or a weekend brunch with your friends, in addition to professional settings and regular office work.

Rs. 512/- (100ml)

8. Beardo Whisky Smoke Perfume for Men


This one is for the party animals who spend a lot of money on alcohol and have little left over to spend on a high-quality perfume. A reasonably priced fragrance for men that is appropriate for formal gatherings and evenings.

Its middle notes are coriander and vanilla, and its top notes are whiskey, tobacco, and spice. Its base notes are oud, sandalwood, patchouli, and leather. 

We hope you won’t confuse this perfume for genuine whiskey and attempt to take a sip from it when you’re a little tipsy on your next big weekend because it comes in a similarly seductive and tempting packaging. Thus, a
 second scent from the Beardo brand to make it onto our list of the 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000. 

Rs. 529/- (100ml)

9. Fastrack Beat Perfume For Men


This will come as a major surprise to those of us who didn’t realise that Fastrack also offers fragrances. The Fastrack Men’s Beat Perfume delights the senses of anybody you come into contact with during the day by evoking strong woody and fragrant scents.


Furthermore, the scent was created by renowned perfumer Amelie Jacquin. It is zesty and strong with woody undertones. If applied correctly, its aroma, which is quite reviving, will last you for around 6 hours. One of the 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000. This scent is available at a reasonable price with great quality.

Rs. 760/- (100ml)

10. Wild Stone Edge Eau De Parfum for Men


The Wild Stone Edge Eau De Parfum for Men is one of the most inexpensive fragrances for men in India. Also, it is likely the least expensive item on this list in terms of cost. however, it is by no means of low-quality. It has a long-lasting scent that is similar to an expensive perfume and stays true to its tagline, “Log Toh Notice Karenge”.


Furthermore, its heart notes of sea labdanum and ginger, top notes of lemon and artemisia, and base notes of patchouli, cedarwood, and amber give it a woody, aromatic scent that will stay on you all day. It is highly cost-effective and you can use it frequently each day. Thus, listing it in the 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000.

Rs. 370/- (100ml)

Conclusion – 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000

In conclusion, finding a great perfume for men can be a challenging task, especially when you don’t want to break the bank. However, with our list of the 10 best perfumes for men under 1000, you don’t have to compromise on quality or affordability. 

From woody and musky fragrances to fresh and clean scents, our roundup has something for everyone. Whether you want to impress at a job interview, a first date or simply freshen up your everyday scent, these perfumes are sure to make a lasting impression. 

So, why wait? Choose the perfect fragrance from our curated selection and step up your scent game without burning a hole in your pocket. We hope this guide helps you in your search for the perfect scent.

FAQ – 10 Best Perfume for Men under 1000

1) What are some of the best affordable perfumes for men?
Answer: Some of the best perfumes under 1000 for men include Nautica Blue, Wild Stone Red, Fogg Scent Xpressio, Denver Black Code, and Park Avenue Classic.

2) Do cheap perfumes compromise on the quality of fragrance?
Answer: Not necessarily. There are many perfumes under 1000 that offer high-quality fragrances. It’s all about finding the right brand and scent that suits you.

3) Are there any long-lasting perfumes under 1000?
Answer: Yes, there are many long-lasting perfumes under 1000 like Axe Signature Suave, Yardley London Gentleman Classic, and Nike Urban Musk which last up to 8-10 hours.

4) Are there any best summer perfumes for men under 1000?
Answer: Yes, some of the best summer perfumes under 1000 include Engage L’amante, Nautica Voyage, Denver Batman Superman, and Men in Black perfume.

5) What are some of the best sports perfumes for men under 1000?
Answer: The best sports perfumes for men under 1000 include Adidas Pure Game, Nike Up or Down, and Fogg Marco Body Spray.

6) Can I use men’s perfume on women, and vice versa?
Answer: Yes, many perfumes are unisex and can be used by both men or women. However, it’s all about finding the right scent that suits your personality and taste.

7) Are there any perfumes under 1000 for sensitive skin?
Answer: Yes, there are many perfumes under 1000 for sensitive skin like Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction, the Body Shop White Musk, and Wild Stone Hydra Energy.

8) What are some of the best office wear perfumes under 1000?
Answer: Men can opt for fragrances like Park Avenue Good Morning, Fogg Scent Impressio, Axe Signature Corporate, and Layer’r Shot Bullet.

9) What are some of the best fragrances for men under 1000 with a masculine scent?
Answer: If you’re looking for a masculine scent, you might want to try Axe Signature Maverick, Denver Black Pearl, and Set Wet Global Edition Charm Avatar.

10) Does the price of the perfume indicate its quality?
Answer: Not necessarily. While some expensive perfumes do offer high-quality fragrances, there are many affordable perfumes under 1000 like that offer good quality and a lasting fragrance. It’s important to read reviews and try the perfume before making a purchase.

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