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10 Best Sling Bags for Women


I hope you all must have read my blog on my favorite handbags for women. This Article mainly focuses listing the 10 Best Sling Bags for Women available in India. These are one of the most versatile bags and easy to carry. They can fit in all your essentials well and are perfect for movies, dinners, picnics or any other such outings.

If for work, you carry a laptop bag, a sling or cross body bag is a perfect carry on where you can store your cash, cards, keys and any other essentials. 
Sling bags or cross body bags are generally small bags that hang off your shoulder or can be worn across your body. They come in different shapes and colors and also the space in them may wary. Check out this Post to know my favorite Sling Bag picks.

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10 Best Sling Bags for Women

1. Caprese


Grabbing the No. 1 Spot among the Best Sling bags for Women is the the tan / yellow sling bag from Caprese. Its is perfect for date nights, movies, outdoor trip or even formal occasions. Moreover, it has a subtle neutral color that can go with a range of outfits.

It has a large internal compartment with a zipper on the inside and a small pocket for your phone or charger. The sling bag has a top zipper with a flap cover and the logo in metal on the top of the flap cover. It is a beautiful bag and also has a decent enough capacity to fit in enough things for your daily needs.

The color, size and shape of the bag are the factors that make the bag stand out and also rank on my list of favorite sling or cross body bags.


2. Baggit


Baggit makes the most quirky and colorful sling bags in the market. They are fun and playful bags, bringing out the girl in you. My recent favorite sling/cross body bag from the brand is this very refreshing “Irys Audrey Ice Blue” bag. It is perfect for the summers, to wear on a picnic or with your flowy summery dresses. 

This sling bag is a slightly structured bag made with PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and has a long strap. The design is pretty cute with a metal detailing on the fold over flap closure on top and the brand logo in metal on the front bottom of the bag. 

Moreover, the insides are pretty spacious with a large compartment, smaller zipper pouch and an open pouch on either side. The top has a zip closure as well as a flap closure on top. If you are looking for a fun, summer bag, you should definitely check this bag out. Thus, making it rank on the 2nd spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 1,690/-

3. Da Milano


If you have read my last blog, I’m sure you know of my love for this brand. I had also mentioned my husband gifting me a sling bag from Da Milano on my last birthday. So of course, I am going to add that bag down here for you all to love and hopefully buy soon. 

It is known as the “Franzy Sling Bag” and comes in four different color options – Black, Brown, Burgundy and Green. I got the black option for myself and it has all my heart. It comes with a metal push lock closure and a flap over cover.

Inside, it has 2 larger compartments divided by a small zipper compartment. It also has a small pocket on the inside and one on the back outside. By far this is one of the most compartments I have seen in a sling bag and this makes it so easy to organize your things in it. 

The Sling bag is a hard structured bag that looks extremely classy with all the metal detailing on the flap along with the all-metal heavy duty chain strap. It is the perfect bag for when you like to play dress up and be all fancy. 

Of course, I don’t need to mention the pure leather and life long maintenance warranty the brand provides. Thus, making it rank on the 3rd spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 9,999/-

4. Kleio


The bag I have chosen from the brand Kleio is extremely vivacious. Its bohemian chic vibe makes it perfect for a picnic, parties or even to work. Making it is subtle yet extravagant. The bag is made of PU with the front flap closure and side panels made of jacquard fabric and a tassel hanging off the bottom edge of the flap closure. 

The base bag comes in six different colors – black, olive, white, green, brown and tan. All the colors are extremely pretty and easy going. The bag has a single big compartment with a zipper pouch on one side and two small pockets on the other side. 

It also has a small zipper pouch at the back of the bag. A must buy bag for people who love a pop of color. Thus, making it rank on the 4th spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 2,299/-

5. Allen Solly


Allen Solly is a brand well-known for its exceptional quality work bags. Their bags are designed to make workwear look effortless and classy simultaneously. The brand’s latest offering among the best sling bags for women is a uniquely shaped work bag, exquisitely crafted to perfection. This bag features rounder sides, adding to its unique charm. It is made of premium PU material, ensuring durability and longevity.

The bag boasts a spacious compartment with ample space to accommodate all your work essentials. Additionally, to cater to your organizational needs, the bag also features two small pouches – one of which comes with convenient grooves perfect for storing your cards.

Available in a dark maroon and classic black color, both neutral shades that can complement every outfit in your wardrobe. The bag comes with a flap closure and a twist lock closure, offering both security and ease of use while carrying it. Given its functionality, aesthetics, and practicality, it ranks high on the list of the 10 Best Sling Bags for women, making it an ideal choice for women looking for stylish yet practical work bags.

Rs. 2,299/

6. Miraggio


Miraggio makes trendy new age bags for the new age women. Their bags are colorful, fun loving and trend setting. They have a unique sense of style that is not replicated or inspired by other brands. The bag “Mia Cross body Bag” is one that is cute yet sophisticated. It is clean and refined, with a quilted design.

The sling bag is available in three colors – maroon, taupe and white. 
All three colors look extremely pleasing to the eye. The bag is made of PU and has a single large compartment with a small pocket on one side.

It has a snap closure and a metal chain belt in black that gives the contrasting vibe. 
The taupe color stands out from the other colors and is my favorite pick. Thus, making it rank on the 6th spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 2,999/-

7. Aldo


Aldo is a brand that provides luxury at a minimalistic price. Their bags are supper classy and unique and makes the owner instantly stand out in a crowd. The bag I have come to love from this brand has two types in the same design – one is a printed one and other is a dual solid tone. 

I have an eye for the printed one here as it is such a crowd pleaser. It is extremely elegant with its multiple colors of black, tan, white and snake skin print with metal detailing for the snap button closure. The sling bag is a structured bag with two compartments divided by a zipper pouch and a small pocket in the front. 

However, the snake skin print detailing takes it to a whole new level. The other variation is a simple two-tone beige and cream bag with the same metal snap button closure. Thus, making it rank on the 7th spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 7,999/-

8. Hidesign


This leather handbag brand is unique in a lot of ways. The way they design, using tribal influences in their designs has our heart. Their eccentric designs have made them one of the leading bag brands available in India.

They also provide a lifetime service warranty for all their bags and they take extreme pride in being a make in India brand. 
This particular bag is tan with a lot of tribal influences. It is a pretty small sling / cross body bag that can fit only essentials but the distinctive design is what catches our eye.

The sling bag has a flap closure with a unique brass lock that hangs off a chain from one side. See your yourself to decide if you come to love it or not. Thus, making it rank on the 8th spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 5,495/-

9. Esbeda


Esbeda has so many bag options, you would go crazy on their website. They have at least over a 100 designs and options to choose from. The moment you land on their website, it feels like fairy land. They have all kinds of options to choose from – daily wear, party wear, work wear, quirky and so on.

I was instantly drawn to this bag due to its color and unique design. 
The design is like that of two PU zip pouches sewn together with a flap over closure with a magnet clip. It is distinctive and the colors of yellow and black instantly pop.

The sling bag also has a separate pouch for a phone, that does not have a zip. It is spacious and minimalistic. Thus, making it rank on the 9th spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 1,580/-

10. IYKYK by Nykaa Fashion


IYKYK (If You Know You Know) by Nykaa Fashion is a relatively new brand by the house of Nykaa. Their bags are extremely eccentric and eye catching. They are modern, chic and trendy. This particular bag has a unique style.

It is a bucket bag with a press button tab closure and has a short shoulder and a long sling handle as well. The sling bag is available in two colors – black and taupe. In addition, the arm handle and the tab closure have a braided design and the bag is made of Faux Leather.

It is a soft structured bag which makes it extremely easy to carry and is perfect for summers and evenings out. 
Thus, making it rank on the 10th spot among the 10 Best Sling bags for Women.

Rs. 4,899/-

Conclusion – 10 Best Sling Bags for Women

In conclusion, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the 10 best sling bags for women that are not only stylish but also functional. It is important to find a sling bag that suits both your personal style and daily needs. These bags are perfect for those on-the-go moments and they can hold all the essentials without weighing you down. 

Our list includes various options that cater to different lifestyles, from the busy mom to the stylish traveler. With so many different designs and features, there is a sling bag out there for everyone. So, go ahead and choose the best sling bag that suits your needs. We hope our list of the 10 Best Sling Bags for Women has been helpful in your search for the perfect bag!

FAQ – 10 Best Sling Bags for Women

1. What are the advantages of using the best sling bags for women?
Answer: Best Sling Bags for Women have become a trendy fashion accessory. They allow for hands-free convenience and are perfect for carrying everyday essentials like phone, keys, and wallet. They are also a great choice for those who prefer a smaller bag.

2. How to find the best sling bags for women?
Answer: When looking for the Best Sling Bags for Women, consider the size, material, and the number of compartments / pockets available. Additionally, look for bags that suit your personal style.

3. What is the best material for sling bags?
Answer: Cotton, leather, faux leather, and nylon are some of the best materials for sling bags. Choose one that suits your needs and taste.

4. What size sling bag suits a woman?
Answer: Sling bags come in different sizes, but the best size for women is a medium-sized bag that can comfortably fit everyday essentials.

5. Can a sling bag be used for travel?
Answer: Yes, the Best Sling Bags for Women can be used for traveling. They are lightweight, and some come with features such as RFID protection and multiple pockets that make them perfect for travel.

6. What are the different types of sling bags?
Answer: The different types of Best Sling Bags for Women include cross-body, shoulder, and backpack style.

7. Are sling bags comfortable to wear?
Answer: Yes, Best Sling Bags for Women are comfortable to wear. Ensure you select one with an adjustable strap to fit your body.

8. Can sling bags be styled for formal occasions?
Answer: Sling bags can be styled for formal occasions by choosing a well-designed bag that is made from luxurious materials.

9. What are the best brands for sling bags for women?
Answer: Some popular brands for the Best Sling Bags for Women include Caprese, Baggit, Da Milano, Esbeda, Hidesign, Aldo, Miraggio, Allen Solly, Kleio etc.

10. How to maintain a sling bag?
Answer: To maintain the Best Sling Bags for Women, wipe them clean with a damp cloth regularly and avoid overloading them with heavy items. Store them in a dry place when not in use to prevent mold and mildew.

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