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Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore

Shera plank or Shera board is a kind of Cement fiber sheet mainly composed of natural fibers which are then bonded in a silicate structure. These Fiber cement Planks and boards are asbestos free, non-carcinogenic material, formaldehyde free and contain no harmful chemicals and substances.


Shera Planks are available in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes. They can be installed on both Interior and Exterior surfaces as they are completely weather resistant. Thus, making them one of the best Building construction material currently present in the market for wall and ceiling decoration.

Apart from listing the Top 10 Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore, We have also focused on providing information about the Basic details of the product, Applications of Shera Board / Shera plank and the Types of Shera Boards available in the market.


Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore



Holding the no.1 spot in the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore” list is none other than “Jayswal Agencies“. They are one of the most prominent and reputed  supplier of all types of False ceiling, Partition and Wall cladding material in Bangalore, Karnataka.

They have been associated with Shera and Visaka for many years and have been supplying fiber cement boards all over Karnataka. With over 35 years of experience, Jayswal Agencies can be blindly approached for all your False ceiling, Partition and Wall cladding requirements.


Jayswal Agencies is located near RT Nagar and their showroom cum Experience center is built over an area of 40000 Sft. They have all the materials on display and provide a One stop procurement solution for all your requirements.

The company has a highly experienced sales team that can provide all the necessary information and samples required before you make a purchase.

They also deal with other materials such as Calcium Silicate board, Gypsum Board, Fire Resistant Gypsum Board, Bison Panel, Acoustic Treatment materials, Grid ceiling tiles, Cornices, Gypsum Wall Cladding tiles etc. 


Other Services Provided By Jayswal Agencies

Apart from being Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore, they also have an in-house designing team of Architects that can provide an end to end solution ranging from procurement to installation.

As per our experience, Jayswal Agencies is a must visit in case if you are looking to procure or install Shera Boards and Shera Planks in Bangalore and Karnataka. Thus, making them the No. 1 “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”.

2. Dream Ideas

“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Ranking on the 2nd spot in the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore” list is Dream Ideas. The company is located near Singasandra, Bangalore and was established in the year 2021. Dream Ideas also deal with a variety of Wall Cladding, Wall Covering and Wall Graphic materials as well.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Star Interiors and Exterior was established in the year 2013 and is located near Sarai Palya, Bangalore. They Deal with a variety of Wall cladding and Ceiling material such as HPL Sheet, Shera Planks and Fiber cement board. Thus, making them stand on the 3rd position among the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

On the 4th position among the “Gypsum Board Dealers in Bangalore” is President Lifestyle. The company was established in the year 2013 and their office is located near jaynagar. They are one of the leading suppliers of Shera Planks and High Pressure laminates in Bangalore.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Established in the Year 2016, Wall Scape is located in Bommanhalli and deal with all types Shera Planks and Shera boards. They also provide both false ceiling and partition installation services as well. Thus, grabbing the 5th position among the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Established in the Year 2016, Kumar Buildtech is located near Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. They deal with all types of Partition and Ceiling materials including Shera Planks and Shera Boards. Thus, grabbing the 6th position among other Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Suman Art was established in the year 2015 and supply various materials such as Fiber Cement Boards, Shera Planks, Waterproofing chemicals, Ceiling Channel etc. They are located near Bettahalsur, Bangalore. Thus, making them stand on the 7th position among the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Located in Basaveshwara Layout, Afreen Plaster ranks on the 8th Position of in the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore” list. They deal with a variety of False ceiling and Partition materials such as Gypsum boards, Fiber cement boards, Cornices, Flowers etc.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Established  in the year 2017, Valsala Trading corporation is a wholesale trader of both Shera and Visaka Fiber Cement boards and Planks. They are located near Sajje Palya. Thus, grabbing the 9th position among the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”.


“Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore”

Last but not the least, located in Electronic city, A K Plaster grabs the 10th position in the “Shera Board Dealers in Bangalore” list. AK Plasters was established in the year 2020 and they deals with a variety of False ceiling, Wall cladding and Partition materials.

What is Shera Board / Shera Plank?


As mentioned earlier, Shera Board and Shera plank is a type of Fiber cement board which is made up of natural fibers that are bonded tightly. They are manufactured in the shape of Boards and Planks and are available in various thicknesses. These boards / planks come in both plain (without texture) and wooden grain (with texture) designs.

Shera Board Size: 6ft x 4ft and 8ft x 4ft
Shera Board Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm

Shera Plank Size: 6 Inches x 10ft
Shera Plank Thickness: 8mm

Features of Shera Board and Shera Planks:

– Completely Weather resistant
– Fire Resistant
– Good Sound Insulation properties
– Water Proof and Ware resistant
– Immune to water damage
– Shatter resistant
– High flexibility and durability
– Termite resistant

Types of Shera board and Shera Planks

1. Plain Shera Board


Plain Shera Board is one of the most common boards used for the purpose of False ceiling, Partitions and Wall Paneling. These Fiber cement boards look similar to Gypsum board but with a Cement Fiber composition.

When compared to Gypsum boards, Shera boards are much more stronger and provide numerous benefits and advantages during the construction of False ceiling and Partitions. Although being lightweight and extremely durable, they are strong in nature and do not break that easily when compared to Gypsum Boards.

Apart from this, as they are completely weather resistant, they can be used in every space ranging from Interiors, Exteriors, Bathrooms, Kitchens, wet areas, Balconies etc.

Available Size: 8ft x 4ft and 6ft x 4ft
Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm

2. Textured Shera board and Shera Plank


Unlike the plain Shera board, the textured shera plank and board are manufactured with a Wooden grain texture. They come in 3 various profiles i.e. Teak Surface, Cassia Surface and Smooth Surface profile. Apart from that, they are also available in various Pre – finished colors ranging from White, Afromosia, Walnut, Teak and cherry red.

Available Size: 6inches x 10ft
Thickness: 8mm

Applications of Shera boards and Shera Planks

1. False Ceiling


Shera Boards and Planks are commonly used in False ceiling. As they are a little heavier when compared to Gypsum boards, it is recommended to install these fiber cement boards on a thicker gauge G.I channel or aluminum framework. They can be cut and molded into various shapes and sizes ranging from squares, rectangles and curves.

As they are water and heat resistant, they can be used in the construction of false ceiling in both interior and exterior spaces. Similar to the gypsum board false ceiling, a fiber cement board false ceiling also helps in hiding electrical pipes and AC ducts in order to give a cleaner finish.

Apart from this, Shera boards have a very high Soundproofing capacity. They can be used in the purpose of Soundproofing up to 40 to 55 Decibel level. The soundproofing capacity can be improved if Fiber cement boards are clubbed with an insulation material such as mineral Rockwool.

2. Partitions


Shera Boards are widely used in the construction of Partitions in many commercial spaces. As Gypsum boards are easily prone to damages and cracks, fiber cement boards have gradually taken over the Partition segment. A Fiber cement board partition is 10x stronger than Gypsum board partition.

They do not break that easily, do not crack over take, have very high soundproofing characteristics and can also be used in water and fire prone areas. Apart from that, a fiber cement board partition can take any amount of load during the process of mounting fixtures such as TV, AC, Wardrobes, Cabinets etc.

They do not require any special form of framing or Plywood backing during the mounting process. Similar to the Fiber cement board false ceiling, the process of Soundproofing, heat insulation and thermal insulation can be increased with an addition of Insulation material such as Rock wool, Poly wool and Fiber glass wool.

3. Wall Cladding


Shera plank is one of the most widely used wall cladding material in the Indian market. These Planks are available in the size of 6 inches x 10 feet and come in Wooden Grain, Cassia and Smooth Texture finish.

As Shera Plank is a weather resistant material, they are commonly used in Verandas, Feature walls, Gates and External elevation areas in order to improve the aesthetics. They are available in both white and Pre – finished colors. The white planks can be painted in to any color as per your choice.

The pre – finished Planks are available in Walnut, Teak, Cherry Red, Afromosia Brown, Blue and a variety of brown shades. They are very lightweight in nature and can be installed on to any surface very easily and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shera Boards and Shera Planks

1. What is the Price of Shera board and Shera Plank?
Shera Plank: 6 inches x 10ft: 300 Rs / Plank
Visaka Plank: 6 inches x 10ft: 260 Rs / Plank
Fiber Cement board: 6ft x 4ft x 8mm Thickness: 550 Rs / board
Fiber Cement board: 6ft x 4ft x 10mm Thickness: 800 Rs / board

2. What kind of finishing is possible on Shera Boards and Shera Planks?
The finishing on Plain Shera board is similar to that of Gypsum boards. They can be either painted or cladded with a material such as Wallpaper.

However, Shera Planks are available in both raw white finish and Colored planks. Raw white Shera planks requires exterior grade painting along with PU / Polyurethane coating. Colored Shera planks do not require any kind of finishing.

3. Can Shera planks be installed on exterior walls?
Yes, Shera Planks can be installed on exteriors walls as they are an exterior grade material and are not affected by Sun and rain.

4. What is the process of installing Shera planks and Shera Boards?
Shera boards and Shera Planks can be directly installed on the wall using screws and Plugs. In addition, they can also be fixed on to a framework. Framework can either be of M.S, Aluminum, Galvanized Iron or Plywood.

5. Other Shera board Dealers in Bangalore?
Apart from the above mentioned dealers, a few more suppliers are listed below:
1. Aarav Gypsum Plaster
2. EBO Build mart
3. Hindustan False Ceiling
4. Youkraft
5. Anbu Interiors
6. AS Enterprises
7. Soundarya Plaster
8. National Gypsum

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