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Top Soundproofing Products for Music Studios. Our Recommendations


 If you are planning to build your very own music studio, look no further. This article “5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendationshas details on all the best soundproofing products for your studio. 

Furthermore, making or building your music studio is not just about setting up the space or buying and adding equipment’s, there is a whole science that goes behind planning and choosing the right materials and equipment’s. 

One of the most important things you need to focus on in your music studio is soundproofing. This is something that you cannot do without. Let us discuss a few of our top picks of soundproofing products for your music studio that will ensure you have one of the best recording experiences. 

We hope you are able to build the music studio of your dreams with optimal levels of acoustic and soundproofing properties.

Basics of Soundproofing

Before you get to the 5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio, it is essential you understand soundproofing. Soundproofing is extremely essential in creating the perfect, acoustically optimized music studio. Soundproofing prevents sound from passing through – from entering and exiting your studio. 

To achieve this, you need to use materials that can block out or absorb sound waves – materials such as acoustic foams, mass loaded vinyl, etc. The next thing to consider is the kind of soundproofing needed and for what purpose you need them. 

For instance, for vocal recordings, you will need materials that have higher sound absorption properties that will prevent sound from reflecting. While for recording instruments, you will need materials that block out sounds and stop them from passing through. 

By understanding these basics, you will be able to choose the right products to match your requirements for building the best music studio as per your needs.

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations

There are several commonly used materials for the purpose of soundproofing. Some such materials are as below:

1. Acoustic Foam: Effectively absorbs sound waves and helps in reducing echoes from your room.

2. Mass Loaded Vinyl: Heavy duty material that helps in effectively blocking out sound waves and prevents then from entering or leaving the room.

3. Fiberglass Insulation: Used for walls and ceilings as insulation in between, also effective in sound absorption and reducing echoes.

4. Green Glue: Compound material that is filled between layers of drywall and helps in enhancing soundproofing qualities.

5. Soundproofing Curtains or blankets: Help in sound absorption.

By understanding soundproofing and also the benefits and advantages of each material, you will be able to make better choices with the materials you pick for your music studio. We have explained in detail relating to the 5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio below:

1. Acoustic Panels

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations


Acoustic panels are one of the most commonly used soundproofing materials for music studios, and they are an excellent choice. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours, designs, etc., and help with sound absorption, in turn reducing echoes and sound reverberations in your music studio. 

They are ideally made from materials such as Polyurethane Foam, Fiber glass wool, Polyester wadding and mineral rock wool. These panels are extremely easy to install on both walls and ceiling. They are extremely effective and help improve the overall sound quality in your music studio.

It is extremely important to choose the right kind of acoustic panels that suit your requirements. For example, if your recording studio’s primary focus is recording acoustic instruments or vocals, then you would need panels that can help absorb mid and high range frequency sound waves such as Wood wool board or PET Polyester Acoustic Panel. 

If you record instruments such as electric guitars or drums, then you would need panels that can absorb lower frequency sounds such as thicker PU Foams.

Also, there are several panels available that are aesthetically pleasing, so you can use them around in your studio to give you better acoustics as well as a décor element. You can also use D.I.Y acoustic panels if you are working on a budget and need basic soundproofing with Acoustics.

All in all, what we mean to say is that there are several kinds of panels available in varying budgets for your music studio with different properties.You must understand your requirements first and then choose panels to suit those requirements. Thus, making Acoustic Panels one of the “5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio”.

2. Soundproof Curtains

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations


Soundproofing curtains are the go-to option for many as they are extremely cost effective and work best if you are on a budget. These curtains are effective solutions for your music studio and can help reduce noise levels by up to 20 dB.

Apart from being budget friendly options, they are also highly popular as they are easy to install and can be self-installed onto your standard curtain rods. They are also easy to uninstall and move around. As they come in various colors and designs, they are one among the “5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio” because they not only match the décor of your music studio but also fall under budget friendly options.

However, you should keep in mind that soundproofing curtains are not highly effective, they can only provide noise reduction on basic levels. You will need to use them along with a mix of other products in your music studio to get the desired results.

3. Soundproof Insulation Blankets

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations


Another great and cost-effective product to consider for your music studio are soundproofing blankets. They are made of materials that are dense and heavy – such as wool or fiberglass and these help in absorbing sounds and preventing them from bouncing off surfaces and creating echoes.

These blankets are available in various thicknesses, materials, and sizes, making them extremely versatile and easy to use around your studio. They are also super easy to install as they can be draped over surfaces or equipment’s or hung on walls or doors. 

As they are just draped, they are easy to move around or rearrange as and when needed. As with soundproofing curtains, soundproofing blankets have the same drawbacks and features. 

Although, they can come with additional features such as having an additional waterproof backing layer or grommets for ease in hanging, etc. They are budget friendly but not very effective and need to be used with a mix of other materials.

4. Mass Loaded Vinyl

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations


Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is one of the most – commonly used, highly effective soundproofing material for music studios. It has excellent sound insulation properties as it is made with a material that is dense and heavy; and is extremely effective in blocking out sound transmission. 

One of the many reasons for its popularity is that it is extremely flexible and can be easily cut into different shapes, sizes and be installed in various locations of your studio.

MLV comes in various thicknesses and hence while soundproofing, choose the thickness as per your requirements. The thicker the MLV, the more effective it will be at blocking out sounds. 

Also, you can pair MLV with other soundproofing materials such as soundproofing curtains / blankets, acoustic panels, etc., to have a more comprehensive soundproofing solution for your music studio.

All in all, MLV is extremely effective in blocking sound transmission and can help significantly reduce any unwanted noise from entering your studio. It can also give you a calmer, more enjoyable environment to be able to record with better sound clarity.

5. Green Glue

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations


Green Glue is an insulation material that is used between the wall/ceiling and drywall. It is an ideal product for soundproofing as it helps reduce noise transmission. It is an extremely unique product that converts sounds absorbed into heat.  

It works like a sound barrier, that effectively absorbs all the unwanted sound waves and helps reducing noise transmission and giving you a more suitable environment for recording.

Green glue is an eco-friendly and non-toxic material; making it safe to use as well as in the installation process. It is extremely easy to install and does not require you to have any special expertise or equipment.

One thing you need to keep in mind while using green glue is that it should be filled in a uniform and consistent, continuous manner so as to not form any air gaps in between. If there are air gaps, the effectiveness of the product will be hampered. 

Also, make sure the glue dries well between the layers of drywall before you install any other acoustic or soundproofing materials over the wall.

Green Glue is highly effective and significantly reduces the levels of noise transmission in your music studio.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Soundproofing Products

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations


There are several factors one must consider while selecting materials for soundproofing your music studio. The first and most important point to consider while deciding on soundproofing materials is the kind of music that will be played and recorded in the studio. 

For heavy metal or rock music, you will require more soundproofing than for classical or acoustical music. The second thing is the shape and size of your studio. A larger studio will require more materials for better soundproofing and vice versa. Next and another extremely important factor is the budget. 

Higher quality products and products that give you higher levels of soundproofing can be expensive, but they are often long use products and can be considered a good investment. If you are looking for budget friendly options, there are several options available as well as DIY projects to choose from. 

The last and final, but equally important step to consider is installation and maintenance. Some soundproofing materials may require you to hire professional help for installation as well as for cleaning and regular maintenance; while others can be self-installed and self-cleaned and maintained. 

To summarize, carefully understand your needs and requirement and then plan on what materials will work best for your music studio while also keeping budget in check.

DIY Soundproofing vs. Hiring a Professional

5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio: Our Recommendations


Soundproofing your music studio can be an extremely difficult task. You can either hire a professional or DIY, both have their own pros and cons; and also the decision depends on the materials in use. It is extremely important to decide wisely between both before starting on your project.

DIY is an affordable option and there are several material options and DIY projects available in the market to help you with the soundproofing process. However, it can be a tedious and time-consuming job and sometimes things might not go right – you will have to go through a lot of trial and errors before getting the desired results.

While on the other hand, getting a professional on board will get you the best results as they come with their set of expertise. The process will be a lot quicker and entail less effort on your part. But of course, hiring a professional will add to the overall costing of your music studio as they can be expensive to hire. 

Ultimately, the main factors to influence in the decision making are always the budget and the actual requirements. If you require basic levels of soundproofing for your music studio, DIY can be considered an option but If you are looking at a professional recording/ music studio then hiring a professional will be inevitable as the materials required for such a project can not be self-installed and will need you to hire professional help.

Conclusion - 5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio

To conclude, we can suggest that soundproofing is essential for every music studio but the level of soundproofing depends on the requirements of usage. There are several factors to consider while deciding on soundproofing your music studio such as levels of noise, budget, size, and shape of the room, etc. 

Also, it is extremely important to understand and to be able to differentiate between the concepts of soundproofing and sound absorption to be able to make more informed decisions and material choices. 

Another thing that needs to be given importance is whether you would DIY or hire a professional. It is important to decide on all these factors before starting on your project to have hassle free and effective working.

Good quality materials and equipment can be expensive, but they are investments for a long run and if you are looking at building a professional studio, these costs are somewhat unavoidable.

Hope this article has been of help and given you a clearer understanding on the best products for soundproofing as well as understanding and differentiating between soundproofing concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - 5 Best Soundproofing Products for Music Studio

1. What is the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption?
Answer: Soundproofing and Sound Absorption are both different concepts that are often confused. Soundproofing is when sounds are prevented from either entering or leaving a space. While, sound absorption is focused on reducing echoes and reverberations that are caused within the room. 

Materials used in soundproofing are often heavy and dense, such as Green Glue, Mass Loaded Vinyl, etc., and are designed in way to block out sounds from passing through. Sound absorption, on the other hand, uses materials that are porous. 

They are designed to absorb sound waves. Examples for sound absorption materials are Soundproofing Blankets / Curtains, Acoustic Panels, etc. Both these techniques are essential while soundproofing your music studio and can be / are often used together to achieve the best possible results.

2. How much does it cost to soundproof a music studio?
Answer: This is one of the most common questions we come across from those who are looking at creating a professional music studio. Truthfully, the cost depends on various factors such as the size of your studio, levels of soundproofing required as well as the materials that will be used.

The cost of soundproofing a music studio can range from a few thousands and can go up to Lacks in Rupees. Soundproofing Curtains / Blankets, etc., can be cheaper options and can be DIYed. 

While insulation materials along with drywall partitions can be more effective and also more expensive and will need professionals to install. 

It is extremely important to first determine and understand your requirements before making the decision. If your requirements need materials with more efficiency, then the costs can not be compromised.

3. Can soundproofing eliminate all noise?
Answer: This is another commonly raised question that needs to be addressed. The answer is – NO. Soundproofing will significantly reduce noise transmission but it can not completely be eliminated. Soundproofing can give you a comfortable and pleasant environment with negligible noise disturbances for your music studio.

4. Can I use household items for soundproofing my studio?
Answer: You can use household items to soundproof your music studio, but they may not be effective enough. You can use materials such as curtains or blankets with thicker materials to help absorb sounds, but they only provide basic levels of soundproofing which may not be helpful in your music studio. 

You can use them along with other soundproofing materials to achieve better results. Also, using household items may hamper the décor of your studio and may not be as aesthetically pleasing for your professional grade music studio. 

It is always advisable to invest in effective and high-quality products to be able to achieve professional quality results.

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